Lovin' the Dove

Soft hints of cherry waft throughout the room. The creamy lather creates a lush foam. This is what I call heaven.

After a long winter, my skin is hungry for hydration and feeling silky smooth and oh-so-soft.

That's why I was so excited to try Dove's new Cream Oil Body Wash. There are three scents to try so I put them to the test with my own little focus group.

I gathered 2 neighbours and let them pick a scent to try. I went with the Cherry Almond, Paul tried the Jasmine and Vanilla and Allana tried the Rosewood and Cocoa Butter scent.

Paul loves Dove products (I know!) and was pretty excited to try out something new from them. He wasn't disappointed. He gets dry skin in the winter and felt soothed by the new cream. He also liked the scent, as it is not too overpowering. It's actually so light that you really have to sniff at your own arm to take any in.

Allana upstairs told me that hers wasn't all that foamy but that she liked that. She asked if I used a sponge with it and I do, which might have made the difference in how much lather was created.

We all agree that they feel good, as do we, and now we all smell good too!

I loved the incredible foam that was created while I showered. A lot of foam makes me feel cleaner, like shaving your legs makes you feel cleaner. Weird, but true.

The creamy goodness that you feel is further tailored to your skin by each scent delivering different levels of moisture.

I am also loving the Energy Glow self-tanners for both face and body. I was using another company's self-tanners but Dove's scent is light and gives me a deep glow, even though I am using the one for fair skin.

It's amazing how these 2 products made me feel so good. They added a little bounce to my step and I felt fresh, clean and tanned all day long.

This is what it must feel like to be George Clooney.


Stephanie Dickison

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