Love Your Furniture, Finally

I love great furniture and innovative design.

That’s why I’m so excited about Desiron.

Rich woods and textures, sleek lines and design, the furniture here is stuff that will make the move from your apartment to your studio loft to your beachfront house.

Everything you could want to make your living, dining and bedroom look modern and yet distinctive is right here and you can purchase it all online.

I got a chance to see the materials firsthand and the exotic and domestic woods and metals are so lush that you will inevitable run your fingers across them again and again – espresso walnut, black ash, maple, zebrano, macassar ebony woods, statuary bronze, rust, satin and black oxide metals are just a few of the incredible materials used.

I like that these pieces are well-made and can stand on their own but also not detract with what you place on and in them.

Sure you want a conversation piece, but you don’t want a cause for whispers and blank stares.

Start the conversation and get a statement piece from Desiron.

You’ll be talking about it for years to come.

Stephanie Dickison

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