Long Weekends Just Got a Whole Lot Better – And Safer

We don’t have a barbeque.

And so, when this first long weekend fell upon us, we wanted to celebrate with fun food and drinks and still feel like we were at a barbeque.

So I looked to Big Acres Gourmet Products at Melanie’s Fine Foods in California.

I got a SAVU Smoker Bag with alder chips that while you can use on the grill, you can also place in the oven.

I poured the extremely chunky Big Acres Mango Peach Chile Sauce over tender breasts of chicken, diced up some veggies, put it all into the bag and placed it in my preheated oven. I put some corn on the stove and prepared a salad and homemade dressing and got out some cold drinks and snacks for afterwards.

45 minutes later, I put the smoker bag on the counter, made a few incisions and there was my chicken and veggies infused with wood chips and bubbling with mango peach goodness.

It was like having a backyard B-B-Q right in my own dining room!

The next evening I used the Big Acres Hot & Spicy BBQ sauce on our steaks and the good times continued! I love these sauces because they are flavourful without being overpowering and use natural ingredients so both the flavour of the meat and the sauce are allowed to shine through.

Big Acres Fancy Fish and Perfect Poultry Spice & Rubs are also good to have on hand for indoor and outdoor grilling. These blend of spices will last a long time (it comes in a good size tin) but there are many more long weekends ahead and I’m thinking of having the neighbours over for a fish fry for the next one. Whaddya think?

Lastly, I have to tell you about the Oven Rack Guard because it is my new favourite safety product.

You place two rolls (made out of material that was developed for firefighters) around the front of your oven rack.

There are 2 guards per package so you can protect yourself from both the top and bottom racks.

You will never burn yourself again. And the great thing is that they are safe for temperatures up to 500° F and can remain attached to the oven racks between uses, so you are always protected!

I am thrilled at how fun and memorable our first long weekend of the year was. And now I’m busy planning the next one.

Should I make Asian coleslaw or curried potato salad or both?

Stephanie Dickison

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