Look Again

Is it just me or does our entire living room furniture look the same? It’s either all-white condos or living rooms filled with espresso wood bookcases. Even restaurants are starting to look generic.

That’s why I am so excited about Designfenzider.

Aside from their very cool name, they have taken design to the next level, changing the way we think of simple objects such as fruits bowls or the “container” you put your fresh flowers in.

They call it “Contemporary Conceptual Design, Functional Conversation Pieces,” which is exactly what I’d call it, except probably not as succinctly or elegantly, despite my career as a wordsmith.

There is a stool call “Void” that is basically a red, black or white outline of a stool, which I think is neat. I love the “Endless” silver necklace which is composed of just the closure of a necklace linked together to make not only an original piece of jewellery but one that people will not be able to resist touching or talking about.

Isn’t that what you want your furniture and items to say about you? That you’re an original thinker? That you don’t just pick up your wares at Pottery Barn like the rest of ‘em?

The products are not cheap but it does offer you something you can’t get anywhere else – original designs that you may have to take a longer second look at to really see the brilliant, intricate design.

And for me, that is a welcome change from us all wearing the same jeans , leaning on our dark wood bar tables, and drinking Mohijitos out of the same glasses.

Stephanie Dickison

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