I am the luckiest girl in the world.

I get to try out all the new chocolates and tell you about them.

And one that piqued my interest is the one of 6 chocolate bars launched from Green & Black’s Organic the world’s first organic chocolate brand.

There are old favourites like Dark 70%, Milk Chocolate and Almond and Dark Chocolate and Mint, but the one that I’m most intrigued with is Dark Chocolate and Ginger.

It’s intensity and boldness is something that you don’t find in chocolate bars and it’s got all the goodness that is a part of the company’s mandate – “commitment to making the finest quality chocolate using only organic ingredients” which are free of:

- hydrogenated fats

- added vegetable fats

- pesticide residues and

- genetically modified ingredients

Organic crystallized ginger pieces makes the bar an intense journey that is both fun and invigorating.

This ain't your corner store chocolate bar.

Although it’s not a chocolate I could eat often, I think Green & Black’s has created something really unique with this one. Not an easy claim in a world with prolific chocolate makers.

Maybe just one more bite.

Stephanie Dickison

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