Get Glow

Have you ever been completely overwhelmed by the shampoo aisle at the drugstore?

I am constantly dizzy from the array of choices I have - do I want shiny or colour-protected hair? Do I want to straighten it or emphasize my curls? Do I want to quench, moisturize or drench my hair?

It's all become too much.

That's why I went in search of a healthy alternative. Something that would give my hair the treatment it deserves and also enhance it with only natural ingredients.

No more chemicals and wandering the drugstores aisles for this gal.

I have found all that I need in Get Glow, a line of products that give your hair the ultimate treatment.

First of all, I have to tell you that these shampoos and conditioners smell amazing! Though they embody light scents, the slight whiff of summer comes out in every dab.

And they feel good too. It's weird, but once you know what you are putting on your head is natural, it gives you a lighter feeling somehow. I felt less weighed down by chemicals and additives.

I tried both the daily and moisturizing shampoos and loved how gentle they were on my hair. And the ingredients are listed on the bottle, so you can see how much goodness is in every bottle. The daily shampoo, for example, has silica, pacific sea kelp, nettle, vitamin b5, vitamin e, aloe vera, green tea extracts and antioxidants. It sounds good enough to eat - but please don't!

The light gentle silky conditioner says it all. And because my hair is dry from being coloured, I have decided that the intense hair repair nourishing treatment will never leave my side.

I had a feeling that these products would be good, but I was surprised at how the light reflector frizz eraser stood up to the warm weather and my wonky hair that likes to do its own thing. I have tried many a hair tamer and usually end up throwing it away after a couple of failed tries. Get Glow's however, really settled my crazy hair and left it with a slight Hollywood glamour sheen.

I've spent years at the drugstore pouring over various bottles and concoctions. I am pleased to say I am now free!

You should go get your own glow on. It feels so good!

Stephanie Dickison

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