Elizabeth Grant – A Name You’ll Want to Remember

You might not know the name Elizabeth Grant. That's because her products can't be found at your local drugstore. But she's worth the trip to The Shopping Channel or online.

Her luxury line of creams and serums – Elizabeth Grant Skincare – make you feel like a movie star – cared for and indulged upon!

Biocollasis Skin Cellular Renewal Therapy may sound intimidating, but this rich cream is incredibly rich and hydrating. The beautiful gold jar holds a cream that will have you instantly seeing an improvement in your skin’s appearance and elasticity! It goes on like a thick gel and instantly refreshes and rehydrates your skin. It’s what I’m calling my “miracle cream.”

Her hydrating cream The Dark Circle Eye Treatment, with its Vitamin K has helped my bedridden look disappear.

I have been using her Line Serum for a couple of weeks and its amazing how it's filled in the lines! I’m a whole new girl!

And to continue with the ultra luxe theme, how about Caviar Rejuvenating Ampoules? These little capsules contain a blend of essential nutrients that keep your skin, hydrated, firm and a decrease in wrinkles, and they are such fun to apply!

I have been applying the Day and Night Cellulite Creams and think I see an improvement, but it’s hard to see everything back there… I asked my fella though and he thinks he sees a difference too.

There are a lot of scientific reasons why Elizabeth’s products work and I could get all lab-coat on you, but really, all you need to know is, this stuff is amazing!

I can't remember how I found out about Elizabeth, but I'm sure glad I did.

I look and feel younger and feel like for the first time, a million bucks!

Now if I could only find a million bucks…

Stephanie Dickison

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