Butter Longer

We don't use a lot of butter here at home.

We tend to favour olive oil for most things, but when it comes to toast, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes, you really can't do without it.

So we buy a small stick and put it away in that little compartment on the fridge door and basically forget about it until the occasion for butter arises.

It can be months from the time we bought it and while we have yet to throw many out, I often wonder about how "good" and "fresh" it is.

So when a neighbour bought a butter keeper, I couldn't help but think it would be perfect for us as well.

I got a beautiful one from Steel Function.

The way it works is there are 2 parts - a glass cup and a stainless steel one. You fill the stainless steel one with butter and the glass one with cold one.

You place the one filled with butter into the glass one and the cold water keeps your butter fresh and rancid-free.

It also looks really cool.

A couple of nights ago we had corn on the cob to celebrate the warm weather finally arriving and tonight we're having baked sweet potatoes with our main. It's rare that we use this much butter, but now that we have something in which to keep it fresh, it might just make its way onto our table more often.

Please pass the toast. I think I'll have another slice.


Stephanie Dickison

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