Sassy Accessories at Susse

As you know, I am all about finding things that aren’t carried at your local drug or department store.

So when I needed a makeup bag for a recent trip to New York, I went in search of something fun and original and came across my new favourite site - Susse Collection.

Director Susee Linton has created a line of bags and accessories that are reasonable and such fun

that you will certainly buy more than one and probably end up buying items for friends and family while you're there.

I got the Animal Magic makeup bag and Kitten card holder, both of which I'm using constantly throughout the day.

I love Susse's outlook on life through her fun products and thus, I have made a vow to make sure that all of my accessories have that little bit of delight in them.

After all, if you're going to be using them everyday, you might as well enjoy them.

And each time I reach for my Susse makeup bag and card holder, I smile at the funny animals on them. Using these everyday items has now become a favourite and memorable part of my day.

Now if only she made luggage, blenders, notebooks and furniture...

Stephanie Dickison

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