Vacuuming Sucks

Or at least it usually does. But then I got the chance to try out the Dyson Stowaway and and I actually enjoyed it.

The vacuum is not only beautiful to look at, it is fun to use. And of course, it doesn’t lose suction along the way, like most machines.

To turn it on, you press a big red button. There’s no craning and looking around for that teeny switch that many vacuums have. The cord is spring bound so you just pull it to where you need it and then press a button to release it back into its hole. The design and functionality really lives up to the hype.

I love that it did the hardwood floors in a breeze and didn’t clang along the floodboards like some. Then I put on the brushbar (I love how easy it was to attach things – a push of a button and it was connected!) and went at our couch and theatre chairs that were covered (albeit lovingly) in cat fur. Not only was it much faster to vacuum than clean by hand, but the suction was unbelievable. I even did the couch cushions and kitchen chairs because it was so quick. They have not looked that good since we brought them home from the store.

I vacuumed our entire place (including the kitchen and bathroom floors – why not?) and all a sudden, 90% of my spring cleaning was complete. It was amazing.

I shared the vacuum with friends and neighbours as most of us have hardwood so we sweep and/or mop instead. We all come from different vacuum histories. One friend liked it but still preferred the one at her parent’s place which also doesn’t use a bag, but dispenses the dirt with water so that you don’t get a small poof of dust when emptying it into the trash. Another friend cleans for a living, so he knows his vacuums. He loved the suction, but said that it might be difficult to maneuver this unit on the stairs.

We had a huge ShopVac growing up so this so much lighter and quieter than anything I was used to. The Stowaway was a little hard to get around our many, many corners, so this is where I think the Slim would be the unit for us.

We don’t really need a vacuum for daily or weekly cleanup as we mop and sweep frequently. But vacuuming after the winter and getting in all those nooks and crannies (behind the rad, under the clawfoot tub) was such a dream. It’s like our place is new again, although we’ve been here 5 years now.

Dyson has a lot of things I like. The Root Cyclone technology and it is actually made to work with hardwood, which for me, is our entire place. The motorized brush head that cleaned the cat hair off of everything without any strain or long periods of going over the same spot was something I’d only ever dreamed about - Pet hair removal made easy? Come on!

And it’s so cool to look at. You can watch all of the dirt spin into the canister (which is the easiest canister to remove ever) and then vow to vacuum at least once a week.

The Dyson Slim is the unit I would buy for us. I know that we all have different circumstances and preferences, but it was exactly what we needed.

How often do you get to say that about a product?

Stephanie Dickison

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