Mind Your Manners

Being a restaurant reviewer, I am in constant contact with people with each extreme of manners - the good, bad and the ugly. It is not always something that is taught, but it is something that can be learned.

And to help with that, I suggest the exquisitely designed Cognito Modern Wisdom for Dining and Social Etiquette cards which give you a helpful hint per card that can not only change your life but others around you.

The cards are divided into many categories, so if you’re wondering how much to tip, check out the Tipping Point section. And Go Continental will allow you to learn what to do at the table anywhere in the world.

The cards range from basic common sense - “Always pay close attention to seating arrangements and stay put. Playing musical chairs could offend your host” to the more involved tricks in which to improve your table behaviour – “Placing the knife and for at the ’10:20’ position lets servers know you have finished eating.

There are always things you can do to be more polite or be a better host or guest or diner and it is good to be reminded of these little things in which to improve yourself.

And the great thing is you can just take it one beautiful card at a time.

Stephanie Dickison

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