Travelling Lighter and Smarter

There’s nothing I like more than a small little guide to something that you can take with you, without much fuss (or weight in your briefcase).

And that’s just one of the many reasons why I love the new The Smart Traveler's Passport: 399 Tips from Seasoned Travelers by Erik Torkells and the readers of Budget Travel.

Filled with actual helpful tips, this little guide will get you safely around anywhere you need to go.

The help comes the way from Torkells and readers of Budget Travel, so they are what I would call "tried and true." Jim Citron, of West Lebanon, New Hampshire writes that “If you arrive in a foreign city after hours (and you can’t use an ATM), convert only the money you’ll need for the night. Some exchange booths offer a less favourable rate after banks close and then switch back to competitive rates when banks reopen.”

Now that’s news I can use.

I’ll let you read the other 398. After all, with sections on planning your trip, packing, traveling, keeping your belongings safe, lodging advice, public and private transportation, shopping and eating, visiting and sightseeing and connecting with others, you are bound to find tips that change the way you travel forever.

Now I just have to go somewhere so I can use all of this new information.

Hmm. I hear Buenos Aires is nice at this time of year…

Stephanie Dickison

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