Summer Lovin’, Having a Blast

Usually, I am a very patient person.

But when a snowstorm hits the city after 2 days of sun-shiny warm weather, it is hard not to long for spring and summer.

So when I received a box of essie’s new Summer 2007 collection nail polishes, 6 in total, all I could taste were lime popsicles and the smell of suntan lotion overwhelmed my senses. I even started planning my summer wardrobe. All of a sudden, my day was full of sunshine, despite the bracing wind against my face.

Though the Spring collection is just beginning, it is exciting to think ahead to summer and these shimmery bright gemstone colours are a great start.

They were created to go with this summer’s biggest trends – big sunglasses, shiny, metallic bags and shoes – as well as complimenting the season’s colours – white, silver, canary yellows, bright oranges, purples, and of course, the staples – browns and khakis.

And as always, essie has created some great names to go with these new and fresh colours:

Below the Belt (bright white)

Loophole (satiny chrome)

Huckle Buckle (glistening deep lilac)

Chastity (so pink)

It’s a Cinch (coral-kissed pink)

Click It or Ticket (heavy metal coral)

I am going to put some on today, despite the minus-5 degree weather. After all, we all need a little sunshine in our lives. And today, mine’s coming in the way of It’s a Cinch.

Painting on the thick coral polish, I am transported. Lobster rolls, sangria, SPF as high as you can go, platform sandals, warm breezes. I’m in summer mode already.

And my nails look fabulous. For once.

Stephanie Dickison

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