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I really love perfumes, but hate the idea of all those chemicals seeping into my skin. That's why I was so excited to find out about Aftelier, a company founded by Mandy Aftel who believes in natural scents and oils. You can read all about her philosophies and background here, but the short version is Aftelier uses certified organic and wild-crafted essences whenever possible. Woo woo!

My chocoholic friends would like the Chocolate Body Oil, but I'm smitten with the Fresh Ginger. It is like nothing I've ever experienced before.

The pure Jasmine is soft and musky and reminds me of Indian cotton and the old Morningstar downtown, with its dark woods and deep armoires filled with linens.

Parfum de Maroc is smoky and sensual and perfect for late night drinks and I'm saving Tango for a lively day scent. I like Pink Lotus, but am unable to come up with the right words for its seductive allure.

But it is the Cacao, Fig and Cognac scents that are most surprising. Don't think cheap drugstore manufactured smells, but pure extracts where the cacao and cognac are given room to expand and sing. Mmm. These collections will really make you reexamine how you look at scents and perfumes. It certainly did for me.

Tonight I'll be wearing an Aftelier scent. I can't wait to see how people react. One thing's for certain, though. I'm going to smell amazing.

Stephanie Dickison

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