Paper Tamer

I loooove organizing products.

Being a writer, I am constantly battling paper of every kind – scraps of paper with ideas scribbled haphazardly during a jolting streetcar ride, promotional flyers of products and events I’ll be writing about, catalogues, business cards, files of research notes, printed out emails for reference, etc.

It really can be quite the mess.

So, keeping my sweet little rolltop desk organized can be challenging. I have to have enough room for my cute laptop and mouse (there goes half the desk…) and then keep all of my “current” files at my side to work on and refer to throughout the day.

One of my favourite companies to help you keep your papers in order is Pendaflex.

Years ago, I got my friend an accordion file (their Mobile File) that you could carry with you and then hang from a door. It would then expand vertically to display all of your files, for easypeasy all day access, until you rolled it up into its little briefcase self for the trip home. They are constantly thinking, these Pendaflex folks…

And again, they have come up with an ingenious product to help you save both time and energy searching for the document that we need RIGHT NOW.

PileSmart Label Clips allow you to keep your papers piled and yet, you can quickly clip and label your documents and files and instantly find what you’re looking for. I got the blue, red and yellow pack, but I like the idea of the navy, purple and green ones. They come in packs of 12, so you can go to town on organizing everything.

Other than my laptop, planner and photos, these are going to my desk must haves. I have a filing drawer at the bottom of my desk, but this allows me to access files straight from my desktop – huge timesaver, let me tell you.

So, now that I have all this extra time, I’m off to enjoy the sun-shiny day and leave the paperwork behind. Ahhh.

After all, I’ll be able to find it right away upon my return.

Stephanie Dickison

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