Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

There’s always something that in the back of our minds we’ve wanted to do, but never followed up on – either due to lack of time, money, or, if you always dreamed of being a cowboy, then lack of a nearby ranch.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is DJ at a club. After dancing at clubs for years, I learned what the crowd likes and the rhythm and energy of the night. From a night at a club years ago, I wrote this to a friend:

The music thumped and thudded its way outta my chest. The epic 20 minute set courtesy of Paul Oakenfold and Tiesto were hauntingly layered tracks that you could really get lost in, and the frenetic beats of The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Morning Lemon’ pushed their way directly into the crowd’s bloodstream, leaving us breathless yet wanting more.

The power of music is something I’ve always been fascinated by. And now you can direct the crowd, thanks to Scratch Lab DJ Institute,Canada’s first and premiere facility for the training of DJs.” It offers both group and individual classes, so you can either learn on your own or make it a night with friends.

There are other things that I want to do, but this will be a dream come true.

I can’t wait to try out my new skills at our next party. I’m thinking of leading with Clipse and fading into Sarah Vaughan’s “Fever (Adam Freeland Remix).”

I think it’s going to rock the joint.

I can’t wait.

Stephanie Dickison

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