I Can See Clearly Now

I have not worn a watch for the last 6 or 7 years.

I’ve never had a good watch, so I’d wear an okay one and it would be uncomfortable or I’d think it wasn’t nice enough, so I just gave up. If I couldn’t wear a nice one, I wouldn’t wear one at all.

And surprisingly, you can get by without one. There are clocks everywhere and now myself and everyone I know has slipped into the awful habit of checking our cellphones for the time. How pathetic is that?

But recently, I’ve been aching for a chic watch. Something adult, yet with a little bit of fun infused in there. I cannot check my cell for the time anymore. I’m not 13, after all.

So off I went to search for something to satiate my grown-up need for a flirty and fun wristwatch.

And I found it all in a BobbyHBobby.

After swooning after them on line, I had to see them in person.

Samples arrived at my door. Many more than would fit on my wrist. I put them on the bed and just sat quietly amongst them, knowing that this moment of being swathed in fine watches would not come again soon.

Mostly clear plastic, they come with a ring of colour around the face, like orange and navy or with a face the colour of catgrass or pink candy floss. A woman shot her arm out towards me to show off her gold-faced one. Ooh. This is the problem – which one do you choose?

Somewhere between a Tag Heuer and Swatch, the BobbyHBobby is both fun and fancy. Durable and plastic, the watch is simultaneously rich and playful. And although they are heavy on the swank, they are a reasonable price - $150 CDN (they donate $5 from the purchase of each watch to Save Darfur Coalition).

I like the clear on clear (BHB call it white on white) because it reminds me of a delightful hard candy, an opulent hotel fishtank and all the clear things that make me swoon like water, wine glasses and see-through necklaces (so sexy). It also goes with everything.

But now that I have witnessed the beautiful face colours - there is even black, which is a problem as black is one of my favourite colours. I remain undecided.

Good thing too, because I had to give the watches back. A hard moment for sure, but it will give me more time to dream of one day having my own.

p.s. I’m think I’m gonna get the white on white, though the navy is definitely sexy…

Stephanie Dickison

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