Game Night with the Neighbours

I love board games and charades and well, all those games that people roll their eyes about and hurumph and cross their arms at. Yes, I am one those annoying "game people."

So, of course, when I got the opportunity to try the new Identity Crisis, I was pretty excited. The thing about this game, though, is that my friends and neighbours got excited too.

That's because it's all about famous people. Celebrities, historical and fictional folks and, as we recently found out, Kenny Chesney.

There are 3 colours of stripes and you roll the die to see which colour you will play throughout the game. Each stripe consists of names. We got green.

You play 2 rounds with your team. In the first round, you can say anything except for the person's name. So, for instance for Maddox Jolie-Pitt (I know, I love how it's so up-to-date, unlike most games that rely on old knowledge and superb memory recall), you could say his parents are Brad and Angelina.

In the second round, you play with the same cards and names, except this time, you can only use one word to help your team get the name. So, for the example above, you might say Angelina.

It sounds incredibly easy, but it's not. It's difficult if you or your teammates don't know the celebrity (as was the case with Kenny Chesney) and the one word round is hard because that's all the team has to go on, and if you don't choose carefully, it's an awfully long minute.

Speaking of which, the game comes with a nice digital timer, except the second time we played it, the battery died. So it's not long lasting, but it was a nice thought.

We had our neighbours over to play last Saturday night and had an amazing time. It's fun playing on teams with people who are not your significant other because you can't use shorthand, like "She's my favourite actress." (Answer: Maggie Gyllenhaal) and you never know how someone's going to describe a person - "Disney character - Zzzz!" (Answer: Sleeping Beauty).

We all liked it so much that we may make it a part of our monthly neighbour-get-togethers. And plus, we still have the rest of green to get through, along with tackling the white and blue stripes of names.

Right now though, I'm off to go get a People magazine. I need to be ready to describe Hayden Christensen, Jonathan Rhyes and Emily Possum at the drop of a hat.

Oh yeah, I'm ready to rumble.

I can't wait 'til next month.

Stephanie Dickison

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