Small Is Good

It is not often that the man whom I love and live with get to stroll King Street West and look at furniture.

But last Sunday, we had the occasion to both have some time before meetings, so we lounged over brunch at Kultura (Mmm) and then headed east to look at furniture.

We are not the kind of couple that do this often, if ever, but we were in the dreamy state of having some free time together, so despite the frigid temperatures, we held hands and plunged into the reclaimed wood and marble havens of King Street West.

We had fun at Visitor Parking and were surprised at how reasonable the prices were (they were having a sale), but it was Roomy that knocked us off our feet.

We found a murphy bed that had us seriously considering changing our whole bedroom into a "lock and load" theme and some storage containers that would finally hide our mass of papers and books that come with the life of being writers. Sigh.

The two girls on the floor were pretty and helpful and told us about all of their custom work, which thrilled us, as our place is fantastic, but unique - because of a window, our headboard can only be about a foot high, our kitchen needs a bar table but only of a certain height because of the breakfast bar.

Sure , these are the problems of very lucky folks, but they are still issues that need resolutitons.

To have found a place that we can go and get furniture that fits perfectly into our lovely but wonky space is like finding someone that will make your eggs just the way you like them (crispy brown around the edges) and tell you you look beautiful despite having only 5 hours of sleep and no makeup on.

Thank god for a wonderful man who does this and wants to share a murphy bed with me. The only question remains - where do we put the cat?

Stephanie Dickison

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