Pulp Update

As you know I'm a PULP stationary fiend (see previous post - PULP MATTERS), so I stopped in today to get the love of my life a card. I've been getting him a card here for as long as we've been together (a long time) and there's nowhere else I'd rather go.

So I'm browsing the aisles and of course, I pickout the perfect one - just the right amount of gushy love sentiment, when I see two new things that I just had to tell you about.

1. Laura is an accomplished artist and used to make homemade journals to sell at places like The One of A Kind Show. Since buying the store, she hasn't had as much time as she'd like to make more, but she was kind enough to bring in 3 or 4 for sale. I can tell you that they are gorgeous, unique and the perfect gift for the book/paper lover. They are handmade, hand bound and one of a kind. Truly.

And they're only $35. A steal for all that work, if you ask me.

2. She has the latest offerings from Filofax, one of my favourite companies of all time. They are now making wallets and passport covers and she has 'em. Just ask her and she'll bring 'em out from behind the cash. Perfect for those that are hard to buy for. You know, like most people you know.

Happy Shopping!

Stephanie Dickison

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