Be the Belle of the Ball

One of a kind jewelry is something that a lot of women crave.

And now they can finally get it at Broadview and Danforth, thanks to the new Belle Boutique.

Fashionable yet unique, intriguing without being overbearing, this jewelry is simply a great gift, either for yourself or someone you know.

Designer Joanna Sipos says this on her website:

"I am proud to say that my work still consists of some recycled and vintage materials with a hearty mixture of earthly treasures and modern inventions.

All my jewelry is handcrafted and each piece is truly one of a kind. Most of my jewelry begins with the art of wire weaving. Imaginative and aesthetic works evolve from a mixture of silver with findings, glass, crystal and semi-precious stones. By wrapping, twisting, knotting and caging each piece is an exploration of colour and shape.

I also enjoy collaborating with clients to design pieces that meet their specific needs whether it is for a special occasion or just because it's something they want!"

Go check out her great new store. You won't be disappointed!

Stephanie Dickison

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