Another Book About Another Broken Heart

I am fascinated by how people come to the books that they read. Sometimes it's a review in a popular magazine or newspaper, other times it's word of mouth or browsing the bookstore and liking the cover.

I came to a book thanks to my lovely neighbours. Although I haven't known them very long, I loooove spending time with them. Ben & Darren are funny and smart and whenever I am with them time passes and before I know it, I've got to run back down the hall and get dinner started or get an article out for deadline. They are waaay too much fun.

A couple of weeks ago, they invited me over for dinner with a friend of theirs. It turns out they all know this author and thought I would like the book. They gave it to me before I snuck down the hall in the wee hours and our doors closed, the only sound in the dark of night.

I don't want to be all dramatic and say that the book changed my life, but I loved it like I haven't loved a work of fiction in a long, long time.

Katy, a girl in Toronto goes through a bad breakup and moves to Montreal to figure out her life. It is funny and warm and feels so real, like Katy is a friend and you are going through her trials and tribulations right alongside her.

I know this isn't a book that everyone will love, but I know that if you like super smart and funny (and you were 21 and in love once), this is the book for you.

I don't know Julia Tausch at all, but I am grateful to my neighbours for knowing me as well as some friends I've had for years, and extending this delightful book my way.

Oh guys, I'm done with the book now (I'm going to buy my own copy, I liked it that much). Why don't you come and pick it up when you have a chance and I'll make you dinner? I'm thinking Thai noodles and salad - what do you think?

Stephanie Dickison

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