Toaster Oven Hell Is Over

I think toaster ovens are incredible. You can do so much with them. When my parent’s stove went on the fritz, I got them one and they still use it as their main cooking method. In case you don’t know, you can toast, broil and bake with a toaster over. The only problem is trying to find a pan to fit. Then, try to find one deep enough to do a Sheppard’s pie or a whole chicken (both are excellent in the toaster oven – trust me).

The search is now over, thanks to Canadian company Ashton Green. They offer a 3 pan set – “two 6 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch (working dimensions) pans, one 2 inches deep and one 1/2 inch deep, and a non-stick coated broiling and roasting rack that fits nicely in the pans.”


And the set is only $19.95.

So get cooking and save both your time and energy. And you’ll be saving the planet while you’re at it. The energy you conserve by using this little fella is considerable.

And email me with what you what in your lovely little oven. It might make it into pan magazine.

Stephanie Dickison

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