Purse Envy

Every season brings its big contenders - right now the grommeted bags, wide belts and shirts that hit your hips are hot. The only problem with this is that everyone gets the same stuff - slight versions of the original depending on where you get it and how much you're willing to spend - and thus, we all look like versions of one another.

So, the search for what's just outside of that without looking like someone 30 years older can be difficult. But at ecoist.com they have just what I need or want (a purse, for example) but they have ones made out of movie billboards and candy wrappers, so they are not only tres cool, but environmentally sound.

It doesn't get much better than that. Except that they are incredibly affordable.

Inexpensive enough to maybe get two?

Oh yeah.

It just got better.

And by the way, they carry way more than purses.

Stephanie Dickison

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