Finally! My Cajun Hankering Gets Sated

For me, there is never enough Cajun and Creole food. In Toronto, it is few and far between, but today I stumbled upon an oft-mentioned treasure called Cajun Corner.

Not only does this gem of Leslieville have ingredients for Hush Puppies, Po' Boys and Muffaletttas, they make them in the store for you to either eat there or take with you! Not only is the food unbelievably good, it's authentic. And get this - it's cheap. Today I had the Acadian Peppered Catfish with Lousiana Slaw and Succotash all for about $10. This fed the two of us for lunch.

The store is filled with goodies to take home and try. I bought cajun meatloaf seasoning, Cajun Dill Kettle Potato Chips and Butter Pecan Sauce Mix. My mouth is watering just writing about it.

I think next time I'll get Catfish Nuggets with Sweet Potato Fries and some hominy, remoulade mix and chicory to bring home.

I can't wait.

Stephanie Dickison

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