MAVALA Switzerland Nail Care - Celebrating 50 Years of Mini Colour's!

MAVALA Switzerland is celebrating 50 years of Mini Colour's,  so I thought it was about time I took them for a test drive.

Mini Colour's come in a small glass bottle with gold lid. The reason for the smaller size (though by no means teeny) is so you don't end up with a half-bottle of dried out or too thick polish. Genius. It also makes for less storage space and the compact bottle is very easy to hold in one hand while painting the other.

The formula is very creamy and the shade I tested - Fiji - is a cotton candy pink that fits in with all the pastels of summer, but also works with the usual office pieces of grey, black and navy. On my wish list: Elegance, Marron Glace, Mauve Cendre, Natural, Nicosia, and Velvet (pictured above).

Shaking the bottle prior to your mani/pedi ensures a thin, even coat.

Formulated without toluene, camphor, dibutyl phtalate, colophane, formaldehyde, and added nickel, you can add colour to your nails while still allowing them the breathe.

Are your nails breaking or splitting? Soooo annoying.

All you need is MAVALA Scientifique, a penetrating nail hardener in a stubby bottle with ridged red cap.

The clear blue solution (it looks like Barbicide, the blue stuff your stylist leaves combs and brushes in) has a slightly minty, floral scent. It is meant for your tips only - a paper guide enclosed in the box. The thin crescent cut-out allows you to get paint the nail edge. Apply no more than twice a week.

Built to harden the actual nail plate, it strengthens your nails back into fighting shape.


MAVALA Switzerland has everything you need for pretty, perfect nails, so shop now.


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