SHISEIDO Ever Bloom Eau de Parfum - In Full Bloom

Always on the search for a new signature scent, I realized recently that I craved something just slightly out of my comfort zone. I'm constantly evolving, so why aren't my fragrance choices?

I still want something light and feminine, natch, but with a bit more oomph than the fresh and clean perfumes I usually don. I want depth, heart, and warmth, without the heavy cloak of a cologne.

It's a hard balance to strike, but of course SHISEIDO nails it with their dreamy Ever Bloom.

SHISEIDO has been creating fine fragrances for modern women since 1917. Since opening their doors of the first Western-style pharmacy in Japan back in 1872, the company's never wavered from their original concept of creating formulas blending "the most advanced technology and the best of nature." This amalgamation of East/West philosophies back then was innovative beyond belief. And they continue to lead the charge in ingenuity and modernization.

Which is probably what makes their scents so evocative - decidedly modern while honouring past traditions and beloved ingredients, they captivate upon the first whiff. There's a real depth that doesn't always accompany scents of today. This intricate layering results in alluring aromatics being released all day long, shifting and softening, mesmerizing anyone in your vicinity.

What makes Ever Bloom Eau de Parfum so enchanting? It comes down to its two biggest personality traits perfectly balanced:

1. Wildly fresh, energetic, optimistic, feminine element 
2. Sexy, sensual, warm base that envelopes without ever overwhelming 

The timeless musky white floral scent was inspired by a black-and-white photo of a camellia, "one flower so graceful that only a single bloom fills the room." That kind of rare beauty has been encapsulated by luscious ingredients: vibrant and vivacious Cyclamen and Lotus Flowers and Rose Essence, while notes of musk and wood (Orange Blossom Absolute, Gardenia, Sylkolide Musk and Hinoki Wood) produce a sultry warm finish.

The result is an enchanting modern scent that's as complex and spellbinding as you are. 

What are you waiting for? Buy SHISEIDO Ever Bloom Eau de Parfum now

p.s. The sculptural bottle's as bewitching as what's inside.
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