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As I'm sure you've heard and read over the last few years, dark leafy greens are insanely good for you.

And while you might have the best intentions when heading out to the grocery store, the thought of having to wash, prep and then cook kale or collard greens (they take their time, don't they?) can be a bit much, especially when you're just trying to get dinner on the table quickly without a lot of fuss.

Cookin' Greens  comes to our rescue with their amazing packs of greens, bursting with vitamins and minerals, yet thankfully already  double-washed, double-blanched, chopped and quick-frozen for your convenience - all within 6 hours of being picked from the farm, to boot - locking in all of their flavour and nutritional benefits.

The easy to pour, easy to cook format (no frozen blocks of veg like the old days) means  you simply put 'em on the stove or in the microwave for 6-7 minutes - not any longer as they turn bitter when they're overcooked - and add to your meal.

It's a miraculous lifesaver that not only allows you to enjoy your greens, their blends such as Designer's Mix and Athlete's Mix are practically meals unto themselves. All of a sudden, making a  healthy, tasty soup, stew, casserole, pasta and chili in mere minutes is completely doable.

And they're amazing on their own. One night I had entire Athlete's Mix for dinner - just a little olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper and it was fabulous. So not only are they a fabulous time saver at meal time, they're a fabulous snack too! My freezer is never without at least one package on the go. In fact, now that I've found Cookin' Greens, I simply can't live without 'em!

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Suddenly the question "What's for dinner?" is full of possibility.


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