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While the press has called Su-Man Skincare a “natural alternative to botox” and “face lift in an hour,” you need only look to  founder and celebrity facialist Su-Man Hsu's skin for proof of the transformation about to take place.

Working with chemists in France and Taiwan, Su-Man has created a signature premium skincare line featuring eight carefully curated, innovative products using philosophies from both east and west, with ingredients that work instant miracles while still delivering long-lasting effects. 

Bonus: She offers pro tips on application that change everything. You'll soon realize that you've been:

1. Applying waaay too much product.
2. Doing it all wrong all this time.

I mean, how firmly are you massaging in your moisturizer? Probably not hard enough. Are you applying it twice a day? Mmm, didn't think so. And are you doing the "zigzag" with the "rice amount" of eye cream? Me neither.

Su-Man was kind enough to send me her entire capsule collection. And before you freak out that there are so many products at once, don't worry - she's made it super easy to use, and it takes just as long as your current routine.

Still not convinced? Heed her wise words: “Skincare should be a ritual and not a chore. Have a love affair with your skin and you will transform it beyond recognition. Life changes your skin, now change your skin for life.”

Now that's what I'm talking about.

How did Su-Man's products fare? Read on to find out:

- Purifying Cleansing Gel Oil

If you're not starting your beauty routine off with cleanser, you're doing it wrong. 

One try of this creamy, silky gel that melts then slightly lathers, proves your skin ain't as squeaky clean as you think it is. It’s also the first of many Su-Man products that boasts an innovative twist opening at the tube’s base. How cool is that?

Packed with nutrients - wintergreen, dragon’s blood extract and rose hip oil, for starters - it deep dives to invigorate and clean skin, without leaving it feeling stripped or parched.

Though it rinses off quickly and effortlessly with water, don't be fooled by its easygoing nature: all traces of makeup? Whoosh. Gone. Every last bit. Even the stuff you'd swear would never come off without the usual exertion.

And despite taking just seconds, your skin isn't just clean - it's been pampered beyond belief. Say hello to smooth, soft and supple skin now.

And we're just getting started...

- Exfoliating Facial Polish

Consider this the Ctl+Alt+Del for your skin. If you love a good scrub without feeling like your face is about to fall off, this exfoliator’s for you.

The mocha-coloured oil-based liquid has tiny buffers that gently exfoliate. In fact, it's actual coffee grains that  gently sloughs off old, tired skin cells. No wonder it smells like freshly roasted coffee and black bean sauce to me (I find it quite pleasant BTW, said the food and restaurant writer). 

And with the addition camu camu, white lilly and dragon’s blood extract, it  leaves your skin renewed and reinforced, bursting with a youthful radiance.

So whatever been going on with that pretty lil' mug of yours - inflammation, drooping, roughness, dullness, unevenness, large pores - know that it's a thing of the past, now that you've got Su-Man Skincare at hand. And get ready for exuberant, jubilant skin that looks as phenomenal as it feels.

Bonus: you'll look forward to the 2-3 times a week ritual as much as bingeing on your new favourite show. You'll see.

- Refining Facial Polish

It's hard to believe this nonabrasive  pink gel can get rid of anything of note. Get used to having your mind blown: Su-Man creates magical formulas that not only transform your skin, but are wildly effective, all without having to apply a single iota of elbow grease, or wait around weeks for results. So rest assured, your skin is about to be revolutionized - and in just in one fell swoop, to boot.

This insanely light hyphenate formula does everything from promote skin cell regeneration to fight free radicals, while a quenching blend of watermelon and gingko biloba leaf extracts hydrates, smooths, soothes and renews - without any scrubbing, scouring or sanding.

A superhero product if I've ever seen one.

- Rehydrating Toning Essence

Usually in a skincare regimen, you'll find a separate toner and essence. Su-Man has created a fabulous combo blend that turn morning and evening routines into a breeze (I told you she was amazing).

The barely-there, fresh gel essence gives you a lift - doling out serious hydration via hyaluronic acid,  with a dreamy rose petal finish. Get ready for fuller, firmer skin, less wrinkles, and refreshing replenishing all at once.

What a way to start the day.

- Velvet Skin Brightening Serum

No dull, lacklustre skin for you. It's easy to see why this is a bestseller- instantly transformative and completely addictive, this flamingo pink serum's one of the best ways to get through winter.

It's all by way of some ingredients you may not have heard of before (tranexamic acid, traditional medicinal herb cassia alata leaf extract, "mountain peanut" or plukenetia volubilis seed oil, for example) and others you'll know under a different name, such as croton lechleri resin extract -read: dragon's blood. That's in addition to ceramides, omegas, antioxidants and powerhouse hyaluronic acid.

It takes just one drop of this silky soft serum (after cleansing and toning, of course) to transform your skin. Get ready for a brighter, softer complexion, boasting taut skin with no room for lines, wrinkles, or dark spots.

Don't be surprised if suddenly going makeup free feels like the right thing to do now.

- Awakening Eye Uplift

This luxe, sumptuous, yet lightweight cream really cures all that ails you: puffiness, lines, dark circles. And you don’t have to wait weeks to see results either. 

Saggy pockets snap to attention (shoutout to peptides) and stay that way (spirulina and dragon’s blood extract have got you). Notice your skin plump right before your eyes and over time.

If you want to use it as an excuse to stay out later tonight, I won't tell a soul.

p.s. Su-Man recommends applying a "tiny rice-sized amount over the eyelids." I don't think I've ever applied cream to my lids before this. I was merely concentrating on the area below. Su-Man doesn't just change your skin - she revolutionizes the way you think about and approach your skin.

Some face creams come and go, but this one should stay forever.

There's nothing better than feeling your skin surge with intense moisture. Think: heavy waterfall, crashing waves. What makes Su-Man's cream so remarkable is not just a feeling both immediate and long-lasting, but it's dispatched via a dreamy luxe, weightless emollient finished in a comforting nutty, coffee scent.

Thanks to an infusion of fierce ingredients - dragon’s blood extract,  rose hip oil, shea butter, sea water, peptides, to name just a few - get ready for luminous, dewy, juicy skin, no matter what state your skin's in.

Like the rest of the brilliant lineup, this cream comes with a high IQ -> it's solving all sorts of problems while you just sit there:

- Absorption upon application means you can get on with your busy day (boss doesn't even cover it)
- Skin isn't just plumped up and firmed for the next 24 hours - it's here to stay
- All those annoying indents crowding around your eyes and mouth, and taking over your forehead? As smooth as a snow cloud now
- Youthful glow? Try a luminescence that's intergalactic.

Tip: Be sure to follow Su-Man's instruction to "massage firmly around neck and face." It helps the cream saturate the skin, while feeling like a mini-spa treatment. Win-win.

- Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask

Sheets masks used to be a liaison between your skincare and/or used as a recovery method to really quench and drench your skin when your regular lineup wasn't cutting it. And while that's still the case, more and more, sheets masks are being used in conjunction with your customary products.

This one's meant to be done after the serum and before the eye and face cream, though certainly can be enjoyed on its own.

There's four bio cellulose masks per  box, so don't feel you have to save them for a special occasion (ugh, guilty). The one-piece with space for eyes, mouth and nostrils, comes with the option to cover your  peepers. And as with all the products, the scent is divine. Talk about a retreat to serenity.

While some masks require a half an hour or 45 minute commitment in order to work, Su-Man gets right to the point with results in just 10-15. That's right. In less time than it takes to clean out your wallet, you've got bright, soft, soothed skin that's quenched and ready to take on the world!

The reason for the quick turnaround time?

1. An innovative mask that clings and allows products to deeply, effectively penetrate.
2. Wicked ingredients that nourish and nurture the skin, such as advanced peptides, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, brown algae, orchid extract, and sea water mineral concentrate.

Suitable for all skin types, this weekly treatment  doesn't just deliver serious radiance and softness - it targets fine lines and wrinkles, calms the dermis, and infuses intense hydration that lasts and lasts.
And check out two cool features that you probably haven't seen elsewhere:

1. It's fermented in coconut water!
2. Warm it up before putting it on and it not only keeps you toasty, it amplifies absorption.

New face, who dis?


As you can see, I'm hooked on everything Su-Man. My skin's smooth, radiant and practically line free. And despite scores of products atop my bathroom counter, I don't feel overwhelmed. In fact, I look forward to it.

Shop Su-Man now.


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