Onion Crunch - You're Going to Put It On Everything

Just because it's hot sweltering out, doesn't mean I don't crave good food. I just don't want to be slaving over the stove for 6 hours like I might in winter months.

So that's why when I found Onion Crunch, I was elated - someone else has taken fresh sweet onions and peeled them, washed the, cut them, battered and seasoned them and then lightly fried them in vegetable oil. All that work and I get to reap the rewards? How lucky am I?

I have been using these delicious morsels on everything from burgers to steaks, soups to squash, salads to sides - and they've a hit on absolutely everything. In fact, I topped my kale with it tonight at dinner.

I have tried a number of onions toppings before and usually found them to be too greasy, too salty or too high in fat and sodium.Thankfully, Onion Crunch is tasty and crunchy without any of the gross factors I've experience with other brands in the past.

I love that they actually taste like onion, are affordable and have a shelf life of over a year, and have no cholesterol or trans fat. Check out those other brands - there's no way they can say the same. The only ingredients are onions, palm oil, wheat flour and salt.

And whenever I'm craving green bean casserole, that classic dish topped with fried onions, I simply pull out my large container of Onion Crunch (despite using it every week, I still have a lot left) and am enjoying one of my favourite retro recipes without having to fry up my own onions if I don't want to.

You'll notice that once you have Onion Crunch on hand, you'll find all sorts of uses for it. And want to add it to everything. I sprinkled some on my potato salad at lunch the other day and tonight for dinner, I added some to our kale. Next up? Tomorrow I'm making chicken BLTs with avocado and a layer of Onion Crunch.


Get yourself Onion Crunch now. You'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

p.s. Oh, and by the way, Sophia Vergara is a fan. Big fan. Her Fiance, Nick Loeb, is Onion Crunch's creator. Congrats to you both on your recent engagement!


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