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As much as I love all things stationery, recently I've found it increasingly difficult to:

1. Find original, contemporary designs. 
2. Discover ones without a shocking price tag attached.

Christ, even the dollar store's carrying peach and teal notebooks edged in gold with "Hustle" scrawled across the cover, and cute cards that would fool even your bestie into thinking they were name brands.

Whether looking for paper goods for myself or gifts for friends and colleagues, I feel like I've seen it all. And on serious repeat.

So imagine my utter joy in discovering Raquel Torres Design, filled with beautifully designed, distinct stationery that will delight all.

The online shop features "Designs for visual culture lovers," with all items and materials made in Spain.

Fresh, modern and utterly unique, the range of notebooks, mini notebooks, prints, cards and gifts are all as alluring to use as well as display (Not only am I now leaving all my notebooks out on my desk, they're so insta-worthy. Click click).

I mean, I need this typography print for my office.

Take a closer look:

- Marmoreal Notebooks

The soft pastels, gold foil stamped lettering and modern marbling is so au courant, yet the designs are based on classical artworks made out of marble. The perfect coming together of old and new.

Mini Notebooks are a6 size with 40 unlined pages and saddle stitch binding. Regular size notebooks are A5, boast 65 pages and feature thread sewn binding. 

The entire Marmoreal OF NOTE collection of notebooks feel incredible. You won't be able to keep your paws off the soft, yet sturdy covers. And once your scrawled your pen across the premium Fredigoni paper, you'll have a hard time using any ol' regular papier. 

There's a fine elegance to each of her notebooks, yet not too posh you'll be too intimidated to use them (How many expensive notebooks are currently lining your shelves that you've never cracked open for this very reason?). And the juicy colours brighten up your workspace AND go with all your accessories, so you'll want to get enough for at home, on the go, and for the office.

I love looking at them as much as I do using them.

Raquel Torres understands all of these elements make a difference to those of us who write, draw and creates. She's made them because she believes "your notes are of importance." Hallelujah. Here's someone who finally "gets" us.

It's impossible to pick out a favourite. I am equally smitten with them all. The turquoise edition appears custom made for my office, while the blue notebook is so pretty and calm, I can't let go.

- Morphic Notebooks

Just because I love the soothing tones of Marmoreal Notebooks doesn't mean I'm not gaga over the colourful injection that Morphic Notebooks deliver.

I of course can't get enough of the Rose Notebook, whose colour palette is giving me all sorts of inspired feels (time to repaint the bathroom, perhaps?), and brilliant Bright Blue is the ideal place to capture my thoughts and ideas. After all, it's very Matisse, don't you think?

This line boasts the same features as Marmoreal Notebooks except the regular size notebooks come with a different back cover, so you can flip 'em over to add a fresh new look to your space. Reversible covers so you can customize them to your mood/decor/outfit? Brilliant.

Minis are adorbs and ultra portable. I'm adding a pop of vivacious spring colour with Mini in Green, and because B&W is always in style, you'll def need the Mini in Black & White.

p.s. Also be sure to check out the celebratory collection of Pattern Notebooks.

Animal Cards

One of my favourite things to do is send friends and family cards. In the mail. As in buy a paper card, write on it with pen, stick a stamp on it and take it to the post box where it will arrive at their doorstep 3-7 days later. I am also a fan of delivering cards in person. It's sooo much more fun than a text.

Wanting to give someone an animal card has proven difficult lately because the drawing of said animal is either outdated (not at all suitable for modern folks like us) - or too dreary (no dark Charles Dickens illos for this gal).

Which is why I fell so hard for these colourful geometric designs. Go ahead and customize the animal to the recipient, because:

- How many dog people do you know?
- We urban folks  have this thing about racoons.
- I'm still celebrating the year of the monkey, how about you?
- Birds bring about a feeling of peace and contentment. Couldn't you use a lot more of that in your life right now?
- They're beautiful enough to frame - I'm looking at you fox (psst - they're also available as prints).

I recommend getting the Crystallised Wildlife Set so you can enjoy them all.

p.s. Other cards: Decorative and Hipster Christmas Cards. And be sure to swing by Moody Colour Palettes too.


I am smitten with Raquel Torres Design. Gorgeous notebooks, cards and prints that aren't just pretty faces, but are made with such love and craftsmanship, you'll find yourself switching from digital to pen and paper just to get close to them.

You should also know that everything arrives so beautifully wrapped, you'll squeal with delight at not just the tissue and ribbon, but at the utter beauty of what awaits you.

 Shop Raquel Torres Design right now.


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