Are Your Cosmetics All Over The Place? Organize Them In a Snap with Hold Me Bag

Do you have all of your makeup in one place, within reach and organized so that you don't have to cull through everything every morning?

Didn't think so.

That's why you need the Hold Me Bag.

It's a cosmetic bag like no other, with a large compartment on the left and a product and tool organizer on the right. I like that it separates the two so that you can easily access your eyeshadow and brush or lip liner and gloss, all in one fell swoop.

It's big - 22" wide - so you can really put all of your cosmetics in there (and I know you've got drawer fulls, sister!). Which is why makeup bags haven't worked for you in the past - you tried to cram everything into a teeny, tiny little thing. Ugh.

The design genius continues with a little pocket that you can store smaller items in and a removable and reversible bottom liner that you can use to further compartmentalize your products. Hey, if you're finally going to organize all of your stuff, you might as well go all the way! And in case you use Z Palettes - makeup free of packaging! - this case was made with them in mind, so get the perfect fit and stay organized whether you're at home or on the road.

The thick cloth of the Classic Black Bag (pictured above) is actually Knew Suede, a fabric that stands up to travel (it keeps it shape no matter how far you go) and wipes clean so easily, you'll wonder why all your clothes aren't made of it. That means, if your power does happen to implode or your foundation happen to leak, your makeup bag isn't ruined forever. In fact, with just a few swipes, it looks brand new again!

This fold-up, zip-up makeup case will take you from cluttered and disorganized to makeup artist pro in just one day.

What are you waiting for? A new you is just around the corner!


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