Get Comfortable at the Computer Thanks to Pad n' Click

We are all stuck at our desks on the computer.

Why not make yourself comfortable with Pad n' Click - ergonomic gel pads for your computer mouse?

I put mine on as soon as they arrived and I have no plans to take them off. What a difference it makes! The contact you have is softer, you get a better distribution of pressure, it gently spreads out your fingers so you don't get all cramped up and suddenly, it is a breeze to click away while at the computer.

The Pad n' Click gel pads give me great comfort from my carpal tunnel syndrome and allow me to work many hours longer at the computer (I know - a good and bad thing, but as a freelance writer, I'll say that's a good thing!).

And I love that you simply adhere them to your mouse and the ease begins right away. Also, unlike other health and computer items, these are actually affordable.

I'm working away and loving it. And when I'm not working and want to do a little shopping on the net, a few extra clicks won't hurt a bit...


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