Butlers Brand - Get Your House Hamptons Clean Without the Cost of the Butler

The Hamptons is one of the most beautiful, poshest places on earth. Located on the South Fork of Long Island, it is home to some of the priciest and swankiest residences in the U.S.

Stars and celebrities who apparently call it home - or at least one of their many homes: Julianne Moore, Louis CK, Scarlett Johansson, Ralph Lauren, Jennifer Lopez, SJP, Kelly Ripa, Jerry Seinfeld, and Steven Spielberg, to name just a few.

Everything there oozes with richness. Hollywood and the red carpet don't have anything on events in The Hamptons. I get invites where they offer to fly me in with champagne (the good stuff obvs), mingle at an intimate reception (with people like Steven Speilberg and Kim Cattrall, while Billy Joel plays his favourite hits), while a seven-course meal by Martha Stewart awaits. And this isn't even considered that ritzy.

I tell you all of this because it's important to note the caliber of people and lifestyle in The Hamptons. This is not just the rich life. This is seriously moneyed folks who have homes the size of shopping malls. People who have butlers. BUTLERS.

So when I discovered  Butlers Brand, I had to give it a go. I mean, who doesn't want a house as clean and pristine as J. Lo's?

Created by a small group of butlers working at private estates across the Hamptons, their all natural Universal Concentrated Cleaning Solution was designed to work on a variety of surfaces and tackle a number of jobs.

A fascinating aspect of this cleaner - aside from cleaning the homes of the very rich and extremely famous - is that it's a pH neutral formula, so that all you really need is just the one bottle to cover all cleaning tasks around the house. It's very rare to find a natural cleaner that is safe enough to use on marble and hardwood floors.

Another impressive facet is that it's a concentrate. A single bottle refills one Butlers Brand Reusable Atomizer eight times, giving you probably a year or more of cleaning solution for just a bit more than you pay for that one bottle that lasts just a few months.

I am one of the few people who enjoys scented cleaners (probably because I rarely buy flowers or candles) but this unscented, all-purpose clear cleaner is a joy to use. It does a better job on everything than the dedicated products I have crowded under the sink. My mirrors gleam (Windex doesn't come close). Chrome sparkles (my toilet paper holder, something I've barely ever looked at, suddenly glitters). Those rusty stains under the lip of the toilet that have not budged no matter what I've used, come off instantly. I didn't even have to leave it on to soak. I have never encountered any streaks or fogginess no matter how grease-laden the area. 

Cleaning is suddenly quick and easy with brilliant results. In fact, after the first clean I did (in just minutes, much less than most) with Butlers Brand, the house looked so impeccable (and I clean a lot, so for it to stand out so much more than previous jobs really says something), I scrolled through my phone to invite people over. 

The amazing atomizer is one of the best parts. First of all, you can use it for LIFE. That's right, no need to ever buy another bottle again. Then there's the aluminum bottle and navy blue trigger combo. While striking to look at (nothing but the best for The Hamptons), more importantly the spray comes out in a soft but steady whoosh that never dribbles down surfaces. It's the perfect amount to cover the area you're working on whether you're in the dining room or boudoir. (They probably don't say "bedroom" in The Hamptons. Tsk, sooo common.)

With Universal Cleaner you have peace of mind that it's safe for the whole family, so kids and pets can roam and play without worry.

I was shocked that Universal Cleaner is so affordable. Coming from The Hamptons, I expected it to be at least $20-$25. I think $10 for the cleaner and $15 for the set is a phenomenal price for what you get, especially since it's made of premium non-toxic, plant-based, biodegradable ingredients (including baking soda and a coconut-derived surfactant instead of harmful palm oil), housed in a reusable and recyclable glass bottle (p.s. I was also astonished to learn that there are butlers that look like models). 

Butlers Brand is extraordinary. The jet-set rely on their butlers using it. And now regular folks like you and me can have homes that are just as healthy and shiny - while working towards the wealth and having butlers part.


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