Looking for Delicious Fair-Trade, Organic Chocolate in Unusual Flavours? Then Look No Further Than Theo Chocolate!

It is easy to find milk, dark and flavoured chocolate nowadays, but when you want something of exceptional quality, where do you go?

I’d recommend award-winning Theo Chocolate because they offer Fair-Trade Certified, Organic and Specialty Chocolates like no other!

They have 3 lines which are really exciting – Theo Origin Bars, the 3400 Phinney Series and Theo Confections.

Theo Origin Bars is their signature line that is 5 bars that “feature the flavor notes of cacao from different parts of the world.”

The dark chocolate line runs from 65% to 91% and are vegan and soy-free.

Now before you start thinking that you don’t like dark chocolate or it’s too bitter for you, especially at these high percentages, think again.

Theo Chocolate somehow manages to make their chocolate delectable without the usual bitterness that makes your face scrunch and your tummy cringe.

I enjoyed everything from the Theo Madagascar Dark Chocolate Bar 65% to the Theo Venezuela Limited Edition Dark Chocolate Bar at 91%.

And before I forget – these bars are massive, so be sure to share them with your friends and neighbours like I did. It’s more fun that way!

The 3400 Phinney Series (named after the factory’s street address) are organic Fair Trade Certified milk and dark chocolate bars that are really quite unique. I came across textures and flavours I had yet to see in chocolate – and here I thought I had seen it all!

These 2 oz. bars are so unique, tasty and satisfying that the bars will last you a long time. A square or two will be enough.

You’ll see what I mean when you try the Coconut Curry Milk Chocolate. It’s crazy how much it tastes like coconut curry! You’ll be wanting Thai for dinner that night. And Bread and Chocolate Dark Chocolate? Yep. It’s pretty crazy, but crazy good! It’s dark chocolate with “buttery, toasted artisan breadcrumbs and the perfect amount of salt.” I’m thinking of putting it in next time I make chili or stuffing a chicken breast with it.

Whaddya think?

The Vanilla Milk Chocolate is smooth and soothing, and the Coffee Dark Chocolate satisfies my love for all things coffee. I love the texture of the Nib Brittle Dark chocolates – sweet and crunchy brittle peppered with organic roasted cocoa nibs. Mmm!

But I think my favourite would have to be the Chai Milk Chocolate. Even though I’m more of a dark chocolate gal, I loved the chai spices and black tea infusion.

In fact, I loved it so much I think I finished it before the neighbours arrived…

And Theo Confections are simply such a wonderful gift to give to someone. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill box of chocolates after all:

“We make and decorate everything in our chocolate kitchen in small batches by hand. Our ganaches and pralines are table-tempered to create a firm yet smooth and delicate texture that gives way to the heat of your mouth.

Our chocolatier, Autumn Martin, is strongly committed to sourcing local ingredients and using the freshest and purest ingredients possible at all times. Theo is committed to supporting organic and sustainable agriculture and Fair Trade practices. Our flavors will linger on your tongue, cling to your memory and inspire your next bite."

I tried the 6 Piece Collection Box - 6 confections, includes packaged box for only $12.00 – and was blown away by not only how beautiful they looked but how unusual the contents were: burnt sugar, lemon, pb&j, fig fennel, mint, Ivory Coast.

The fig fennel was especially inspired and the pb&j was in two layers and tasted exactly like the sandwich. They were all good and I have to say, really different that I’ve ever had in chocolates.

Theo Chocolate is the ONLY true bean-to-bar maker of organic, Fair Trade Certified chocolate in the United States. They are the ONLY company that operates from bean to bar. They are chocolate “makers” and not “melters.” There are only 12 bean-to-bar makers and they are one of them.

Theo is the first roaster of Fair Trade Certified cocoa beans and the only roaster of organic cocoa beans in the US.

With so much chocolate available, don’t you want the good stuff?


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