VIRTUE Labs Haircare - Knock-Knock, Whose Hair?

Ooof, my hair was in a bad state. I was battling all sorts of issues - dry locks, split ends, frizz, lacklustre strands, the whole shebang.

I'm partly to blame with my constantly colouring and touch-ups, and my insistence of never letting my naturally curly and wavy hair see the light of day - thus my daily reliance on various hot straightening tools. My increased dependence on dry shampoo and futzing with styling products for events didn't help.

Our Canadian Winter has to take some responsibility. Forced hot air inside, blustering winds outdoors, and wooly toques constantly on and off also wreaked havoc on my otherwise okay mane.

Thank god for VIRTUE Labs Haircare.

I'm telling you - whatever issues your having with your mane, VIRTUE Labs will set it straight.

While other hair companies work on scents and textures, Virtue went ahead and took a protein that makes up 90% of our hair, skin, and nails - Alpha Keratin 60ku - that was being used to treat traumatic injuries, tested it for six years, and created an astonishing line of products with a keratin that's sourced from actual human hair.
This makes all the difference in the world, because unlike other keratins on the market, this latches onto your ragged strands and feeds your hair with what it truly needs. 

As if it were your own healthy strands. 

So get ready for hair like you've never had before. It isn't just going to look different for a few hours. Its whole structure will be recalculated and reformatted. 

This is the do over you have been waiting your whole life for. Remember how healthy and smooth your hair was as a kid? Before you set all those tools and chemicals on it? 

You just got it all back.

Without any sulfates, parabens, colors and dyes, either.

And while that might be the best news you've got all day, it's about to get so much better:

Most VIRTUE products have this coconut/sunshine/suntan lotion/beachy smell that I want to be enveloped in day and night (VIRTUE , please make this into a perfume). I can't wait to wash my hair now to get all up in this dreamy scent. It is like a mini vacay every morning. I can't get enough.

Here's a closer look at my new must-have products for life:

When your hair looks and feels like it's been on a 3-day bender, all you need is this instant rehab to snap it into shape.

It goes to work on all that daily buildup and swiftly transforms your busted waves into soft and supple locks, despite how ravaged they were just moments ago.

The colour-safe formula is bursting with good for you ingredients that sound like a delicious smoothie bowl - hydrolyzed quinoa, baobab seed oil, grapefruit extract - and lathers like a dream. You don't need much (a quarter-sized dollop) to make all the difference in the world. Which means even your travel size bottle is sure to last the whole trip.

It turns out pea protein isn't just a game-changer for your body. Along with that trifecta of hydrolyzed quinoa, baobab seed oil, grapefruit extract, moisture gets locked in, even sticking around after all that thermal heat you've been directing at it.

And your coif's not just healthy and hydrated now -  it's as soft as a puppy's ear. That's new. I'm used to more of a dry straw/jute floor mat texture.

If people are staring at you, it's not the usual "What's going on with your hair," quizzical, judgmental gaze. It's a "Your hair is AMAZING," look. 

Get used to it.

Frizz isn't just a summer humidity issue for some of us. That's why you are going to fall hard for this standout superhero cream.

Just a teeny bit of this zesty citrus salve (thank you pink pomelo!) gets your locks on point, with the help of all natural ingredients of phospholipids (derived from natural soybeans) and an Indian herb called gotu kola that helps your strands stay smooth, shiny and strong.

Go ahead temps, go as high as you want. You ain't got nothin' on these tresses.

A fix for split ends AND the fragrance of the beach?

You need this.

'Nuff said. 


Say buh-bye to bad hair days. They're so a thing of the past now, thanks to Virtue Labs.


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