Jao Brand - Toxic-Free Care For Hands, Hair, Beards + More

You want soft, clean skin and hair but you don't want any of the chemicals right?

That's the first reason to try Jao Brand.

The second is that they are multipurpose. Take the freakin' genius Goe Oil, for example. It stands for Garden of Eden and I wasn't there, but if it smelled like this, I would have taken the apple too. What a heady scent! 

Made of 28 plant, fruit and flower oils and butter,s and scented ever so lightly with Tahitian monoi , this 100% pure semi-solid oil does it all - I put it on my hands, feet, nails, lips, hair, ears - and no matter where I put it, the area was immediately softened, smoothed and soothed.

It's got everything from avocado, grapeseed, mango and pumpkin seed butters (rich in vitamins A, E, C, B, G, and beta carotene) to rosehip, hemp, meadowfoam and rice bran oils (high in omega and essential fatty acids). Your skin gets ultra nourished all with the most natural ingredients. And not only it manage to do a bunch of tasks all at once, you are instructed to use just a teeny amount. Which means it will last and last.

Coiffette too works on hair and skin. With fir, frankincense, and patchouli essential oils, it has a rich forest feel and scent.

And speaking of scents, any fella rockin' BeardScent is sure to get an extra long hello from me. Fresh and citrusy with some of the same oils as Coiffette. Divine. And a softer beard means getting way closer for way longer. He-llo handsome!

LipJao is a definite must for in your purse, desk drawer and beside the bed. Emollient and moisturizing with a moan-worthy scent (a bouquet of anise, grapefruit, palmerosa, and tea tree essential oils) this ultra-decadent skin tamer is rich with jojoba, meadowfoam seed oil, propolis, pumpkin seed butter, rosehip oil, sea buckthorn, shea butter, sea buckthorn, and zinc oxide. They couldn't possible fit all of that in there could they? And what's remarkable is that the formula isn't slick or greasy in the least. It sinks in and in seconds, your lips start to moisten and soften. Mark my words, it will be as essential as your puffy coat and touchscreen gloves this winter.

Hard-working products overflowing with good-for-you ingredients that last and last?

And you didn't that it was possible.


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