EatWhatever 2 Steps to Kissable Breath Means Having All the Garlic & Onions You Want

As a restaurant reviewer and food writer, I eat a lot of stinky, smelly stuff. Just as a way on introduction, last week I downed lamb testicles, lung and heart (in one sitting) and yesterday I snuffled a polish hot dog that was steeped in garlic. Somehow, my fella still puts up with me and my offal breath.

But that's all in the past, thanks to my recent discovery of EatWhatever.

This wonder find is a dual-acting system that keeps your breath fresh and your stomach calm. So no need to avoid your favourite foods anymore - go ahead and have the garlic bread before heading back to the office or indulge in the french onion soup on date night - you've got minty, fresh backup now.

Each EatWhatever comes with 2 blister packs - one has gel caps and the other has breath mints. The system is easy to follow. When you finish your meal:

1. Swallow the gel cap with some liquid
2. Suck on the breath mint

The gel caps contain organic peppermint, sunflowers and parsley seed oils that work on the inside (it only takes abut 5 minutes) while the mint works on your breath instantly.

No need to lug around bottles of mouthwash or avoid your favourite foods and drinks (white wine dry mouth anyone?). These packets are convenient and small enough to stash in your teensiest clutch.

Get yourself a whack of EatWhatever now so that you can be digging into that double pepperoni and sausage pizza tonight and still be kissable moments later.


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