Show Your Gratitude with Gorgeous, Inexpensive Cards from Thank You Cards Shop

One of the greatest joys in my life is stationery. And in particular, thank you cards.

There is something about being able to write my sincere thanks and gratitude to someone for their kindness and generosity or friendship.
So thank you cards are a very big deal to me. I don't send just anything. It's got to be darn special.

So when I found Amy Lowry's Thank You Cards Shop, I was absolutely elated. Someone that specializes in thank you's? How amazing is that?! Amy writes about how she came to have the shop: 

"[Thank You Cards Shop] is an expression of my love for stationery and for living the creative life. I cannot tell you how much fun I had designing each card for the shop. I got my start designing stationery for my own wedding, almost 6 years ago and from there I was hooked. Almost everything about our wedding was DIY! When it came time to design the thank you cards for the wedding I found myself short on time – and ended up shopping for cards, but wasn’t totally happy with the selection available and the lack of customized options. Years later, I remembered this and realized that designing stationery would allow me to explore so many different styles – and to design for so many different types of people. I knew it was a perfect fit for me, and I’m excited to be embarking on a new chapter in my career as a stationery designer."

All of the cards are digitally printed on high quality white cardstock and professionally printed and packaged in the TYCS studio. The paper is manufactured in the United States, either from FSC certified forests (ensuring responsible harvesting techniques are used) or from paper recycled from cotton remnants, with 90% of packaging materials made from recycled paper.

When is the last time you had so many thanks you card designs to choose from?

-Flowerburst Patterned Cards are sweet and summery - perfect for sending after this season's events. 
- And I love the bird themed cards - Bird Thank You Cards and Crowned Bird Thanks (pictured above). I can think of a bunch of folks that will really appreciate the beautiful illustration and colour palette of these.
- But I think I love The Birds - Stationery the most. These rendition of a happy l'il forest just makes me smile, so I can only imagine how delighted the recipient will feel.

I don't know how Amy is able to offer such affordable cards! And the more you buy, they more they go down in price. My advice is to get a bunch of your favourites and stock up. I like to have them on hand so that as soon as I want to thank someone, I can send it off in the mail as soon as possible. This week, I'll be sending Amy's lovely thank you cards and thank you notes all around the globe - to a friend in London, to a friend who just got married this weekend, to colleagues in Michigan who opened up my eyes and my world, and assorted family and friends for just being in my life.

Now I just have one problem - how do you send one to a person who makes thank you cards for a living? I'll have to think on this one...


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