Threadless: You Love the T-Shirts, Now Get the Book!

The artwork is mesmerizing, inspiring.

The community is building.

Threadless: Ten Years of T-Shirts from the World's Most Inspiring Online Design Community is the soon-to-be released book (October 10th, my birthday!) from Threadless, one of the coolest t-shirt companies around.

Celebrating their 10th year, this book covers their immense online community of designers, cofounder Jake Nickell's year-by-year account of the Threadless story, and the most amazing illustrations and photos.

The book is a fascinating read. Here are some of my favourite highlights:

- Harvard Business School devoted an entire class to studying Threadless.
-  John Maeda says, "It isn't simply an online store. It's the ideal mix of an authentic expression of artistic practice with innovative economic models.
- "I Hate You, Bike Thief," a hilarious story and t-shirt by Julian Glander.
- The Joker as the Queen. Oh my!
- The sheer brilliance of "It's Toile About You," "We've Got Some Work to Do Now," and "Springfield Still Life."
- "Red"and "The Red" t-shirts. The illustrations are stunning, and it's just by coincidence that 2 I liked are on the same theme, Little Red Riding Hood, a story I don't even like!

Anyone who loves art, design, fashion and pop culture will devour this book, as I did. 

What a fabulous gift!


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Brandneusense said...

Threadless has really come a long way. Good job!


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