5 Fab Design Finds From TWELVEZEROSEVEN, Bootlegger's Hip Flasks, The Yoke Shopper, Stat Keys and Vapur!

I love a product that is beautifully designed. I've rounded up 5 of my latest faves.

Happy Friday!

1. **The Punch Card by TWELVEZEROSEVEN**

The Punch Card is awesome. You can create any message that you like. Punching out the perforated pieces gives you a sense of accomplishment and the recipient gets a completely individualized card that has been made especially for them (There's a guide included on how to make each letter and symbol).

And you didn't have to use a glue stick or scrapbook anything!

The neon colours are fun and 80s-ish and the card stock is thick and rich. A translucent envelope that comes with each cards adds to the dramatic affect.

Just think - you've finally got a card for EVERY occasion!

Stock up now at TWELVEZEROSEVEN.

2. **Bootlegger's Hip Flasks**

Since the economy has been so bad lately, it seems like the perfect time to be carrying a little somethin' somethin' around to sip on to get you through.

And no one does it prettier than Bootlegger's Hip Flasks.

You customize each part of it - from the garter and lace to the flask to the appliques that go on it. You can even get a custom made one, specific to your own tastes. Or, if you just want to order one and not have to make any decisions at all, get one of their already designed and assembled Specialty Garter and Flask Sets.

Not only do these make fantastic presents, it's going to make getting through your friend's thirs wedding a little easier...

Order your own Bootlegger Hip Flask now.

3. **The Yoke Shopper**

It's such a simple idea, but oh-so-needed.

Where have you been all of my life, Yoke Shopper?

Not matter how many times I tell myself I'll just pick up one item while I'm out, I inevitably come home with 5 bags from various food markets and shops. My hands hurt from the pressure, the bags cut into them leaving them utterly useless for the rest of the day.

But the Yoke Shopper not only relieves your hands from carrying the weight of all those bags (Damn you, squashes. Why do you have to be so heavy?), but frees them so that you can talk on the phone, use an umbrella or hail a cab all with ease.

You simply slide your bags onto the hook of the shopper, press the orange button on the side to release the wide and comfortable shoulder strap and sling across your body for complete comfort while shopping.

Change your life with the Yoke Shopper.

And just think how much more you'll be able to buy this way...

4. **Stat Keys**

Isn't it about time you had awesome keys?

With Stat Keys, you can finally have fashionable keys that reflect your own individuality.

If you have Kwikset locks, you can upgrade your key from "ugh" to "OMG"!

There's something for everyone here - a knight, heart, house and even a grenade for the more rambunctious folks.

The beautiful brushed silver key with iconic symbol on top with certainly set you apart from the rest of your peers - just don't complain when everyone who sees it wants one.

Get a Stat Key that represents you.

5. **Vapur Flexible Bottle**

The Vapur "anti-bottle" is so ingenious. It is all these things:

- reusable
- foldable
- attachable
- identifiable
- freezeable, and
- washable

It's also easy to clean, BPA free, holds up to 16 oz. and stands when its full.

And it's damn pretty to boot.

Get a whack of them and stop using plastic bottles.


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Nikita Dorren said...

I agree about not using a plastic bottles...those should be reduced as much as possible.


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