ZAPZ – Microwavable, Customable Insoles Make Me Feel Like I'm Walking on a Cloud!

I have always wanted orthotics. I know I’ve got wonky feet. But whose got all of that extra cash lying around for custom insoles and time for all those appointments and fittings?

Because it was only a desire and not a need, I never got them.

But today I am absolutely thrilled to have found ZAP: Microwavable, Customable Insoles that form to your feet just as an orthotic does!

You won’t believe the difference it makes!

The Zapz Foot Support System fits to your feet perfectly, after just a quick time in your microwave. As soon as you put them on, your feet will mold to them, making them completely customized and allowing support where you need it most.

I like that it really supports your arch. The gel softens here first and then spreads out to the rest of the insert, giving your arch a personalized structure to walk on and stabilizing your foot for probably one of the first times. This support can reduce any foot, knee and/or back pain that you may be experiencing.

The gel inserts will help to reduce fatigue, pain and injuries and make walking more enjoyable – you’ve never had a more cushiony walk. And you can easily transfer them between your shoes and boots, because they’ll mold to not only your foot but the shoe/boot that you’re wearing.

There is an anti-microbial top that helps fight against friction and blistering and wicks away moisture.

So basically, they’ll be one the best things that you do for yourself – and your feet – this year.

I bet you had a new year’s resolution about taking better care of yourself this year. Start with getting a pair of these puppies.

Here, I’ll make it easy for you – go to the Masterfit Enterprises Online Store to purchase. They're less than $60 a pair. Aren't your feet worth at least that?

And right now you can get a 2nd, 3rd, etc. pair for $15 off!!

So get a pair for you and your loved ones. Your neighbours, friends, coworkers. You’ll be so glad you did!

And besides, you deserve it.


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