StriVectin Stress Defense Hydrating Water Gel - Plump it Up

StriVectin is one of those skincare lines that once you try it, you're hooked. Their Tightening Neck Serum Roller transformed my turkey neck into practically a swan's, so as far as I'm concerned, they are freakin' miracle workers.

Their patented, proprietary NIA-114 technology is part of what makes their skincare and haircare next-level. Products work harder, faster, and deliver phenomenal results both immediately and overtime. If skincare could be a superhero, StriVectin would come with a cape, cuffs and belt, ready to save the day.

Stress Defense Hydrating Water Gel from StriVectin's Multi-Action line is further proof that one product really can do it all - at least when StriVectin's in charge. 
This skin warrior goes to battle on all your issues without even breaking a sweat: 

- Free radical, stress and oxidative damage don't just get the boot - they're not allowed within 50 ft. 
- Healthy skin is an understatement, thanks to an infusion of nutrients, antioxidants and amino acids
- Fine lines and wrinkles is something other people have to deal with now.
- Radiant without a lick of makeup? Your highlighters and luminizers have good reason to be jealous. You're not going to be needed their services anymore.

The silky featherweight gel immediately soothes, cools and drenches the skin with deep hydration. And then it locks moisture down so that beautiful mug of yours never feels wilted and withered, tight, or parched again. Even at 11pm when it's still a few hours before bed, your skin still feels serious TLC inside and out.


Dry, ruddy and unbelievably rough, my skin was recently need in a complete do-over. Often times when skin becomes this outta shape, it can take days, even weeks before it looks and feels recharged and replenished.

There's no waiting around for results with this fierce multitasker though. A few quick swipes of Stress Defense Hydrating Water Gel and my skin was as plump, smooth, firm as it was decades ago. It's got glow too. And that fresh botanical scent? I could get used to this.

Stephanie Dickison

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