Lipstick Queen Chess Collection - Checkmate

If you've never tried Lipstick Queen, you are truly missing out.

Founder Poppy King has been creating rich, vibrant sumptuous lipsticks since before you knew you needed something on that pretty pout of yours.

I first discovered her - gasp -  ten years ago, and all these years later I'm still obsessed.

So naturally I was intrigued by her new collection, Lipstick Chess. There was just one problem: with my perpetually dry lips and bland pale features, I've been wary of the matte lippy trend.  I usually need all the pop and shimmer that I can get to just look "regular," so my hesitation is justified. There's also the subdued range of hues that are pretty neutral, something that doesn't play well with my wan "colouring." 

I knew however, that Poppy would be the one person to turn it around for me.

The Chess lineup includes five naturals and neutrals that are actually enticing and damn flattering while they're at it.

From mauve to mocha, the somewhat muted shades offer up a modern, sophisticated look with a nod to the classics of earlier eras. It's the best of both worlds:

BISHOP - A deep rose that's tres elegante
KING - Pour me another glass of this burgundy
KNIGHT - Burnt sienna is smoking hot no matter what the temp
PAWN - You with a bit of oomph
ROOK - A captivating blue-red that takes everything up a notch. Make that eight.

Application is as smooth as everything Don Draper. Quick too. Creamy full coverage is achieved with single swipe. No muss, no fuss. I could get used to this.

Ooh do they moisturize and hydrate too. I should know. These parched chops have no need for additional balm before or after, thanks to the emollient formula bursting with all-natural oils, waxes, and Vitamin E. Huh. That's a first.

Either because of the muted hues or matte finish (I can't decide between the two), they work for both everyday and special occasions. This is rare, I assure you.

They're also as hard-working as you are. Standing up to my most rigorous testing (including slurping ramen and whisky, and dancing 'til dawn), these velvety lip paints stayed put. Which is really saying something, because lipstick usually just slides off on me.

And get this. These quiet tones enhanced my lips like none have ever before. LQ's masterful chess pieces look subdued in the tube, but on? Unbelievably sexy. And somehow it brought out my other features. Suddenly my green eyes popped, my arches looked defined and on point, and my cheekbones? Like I'd spent all night contouring (we both know I was drinking wine on the rooftop). 

How 'bout that? I can wear matte after all. I should wear matte. Thank you Poppy. None of this would be close to possible without you.

Mwah! XO.

Shop Lipstick Queen Chess Collection now in-store at Murale by Shoppers Drug Mart

Stephanie Dickison

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