EVE LOM Cleanser - Come Clean Once & For All

When did cleansing become so complicated and time consuming? I mean really, I just wanna take off my makeup before bed. Now I  have to jump on the double cleanse trend? 

No need to spend all that time and money on multiple products. Nope. With EVE LOM Cleanser in hand, you get it all in one. 

Cleansing balms may be somewhat mainstream now, but it was Eve who started it all with her debut thirty years ago.

Today it's still considered one of the best.

It's no wonder - the experience from start to finish is one of pure, sheer luxury that's as lush and pampering as any spa treatment. 

EVE LOM Cleanser is a beauty and skincare juggernaut you can't live without: From the indulgent, fresh and soothing minty scent to the deep clean you get without any harsh scrubbing, and the final result of soothed, nourished skin that's so lovely, so pure, you won't need anything but sunnies as you head out the door. 

This sumptuous, rich, mineral-based multitasker includes cocoa seed butter and lanolin which condition and nourish like you wouldn't believe, and four plant oils that do the rest: Clove Oil helps keep acne at bay, Eucalyptus Oil boasts anti-inflammatory properties, your youthful appearance is thanks to calming Egyptian Chamomile Oil, and Hops Oil keeps your skin soft and soothed.

You never have to worry about over cleansing or being too aggressive on your skin (I constantly read articles and hear experts lament how us North Americans over exfoliate and are scrubbing away our natural oils) because the soft muslin cloth (you get 1 full size 100% cotton cloth with the 100ml jar, two with the 200ml) gently removes impurities, along with all that daily grit and grime. It also tones, helps to regenerate skin cells, and all that soft massage helps decongest and drain toxins, so you get a youthful, radiant glow and oh-so soft, smooth skin. Uh, there's no way your bottled cleanser from the drugstore is doing all that.

And now that you're wearing almost exclusively waterproof makeup now - from foundation to mascara to lipstick - you finally have something to wipe your slate completely clean.  As easy as Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

But as stunning as the results are - sheer, clean skin that's deep-down-to-your-soul nourished - it's the process that's so unbelievably rapturous, you'll start coming home early just to start the ritual. Because the gentle melting away of your makeup isn't all that disappears down the drain. There goes the stresses of the day too, leaving you with a clear mind, full heart and the most magnificent, transcendent skin you've had in decades.

Discover why EVE LOM Cleanser has been at top of every beauty editors lists for the last 30 years and shop for it now in-store at Murale by Shoppers Drug Mart.

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Stephanie Dickison

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