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I love discovering a new line of makeup.

Think about it - by the time you've reached the age of 25 or 30, you've already tried the majority of mainstream brands. Even the release of their new colours and collections can seem tired and stale by the time products hit the shelves.

There's nothing boring or rote about Stroke of Beauty cosmetics in the least. In fact, it's the complete opposite - everything from their formulas to packaging is invigorating and exciting.

That's because the people behind the brand are creative, passionate souls, who have created products to fill the gaps of the current market.

Take a look at the Stroke of Beauty must-haves currently rockin' my makeup case:

- Lash Exhibit Mascara

I have impossibly flat lashes. Even the most advanced curlers can't do much for my fringe. But Stroke of Beauty's lustrous mascara coils my eyelashes, giving me a wide-eyed look, no matter what time of day or how much/little sleep I've had.

The wax-based formula also defines each lash with an ebony gloss that never smudges. I should know - I put it to the test this week at a restaurant where everything came out of the kitchen steaming. I spent hours huddled over piping hot dumplings, stews and noodles, without a single flake or streak.

My lashes are also a little wonky - they go in all directions, then clomp together - so I found it difficult to not get globs on at first. I realized that the fine brush holds a ton of product, which is why I was getting splotches. By removing the residual makeup with a tissue, I get clean coverage every time.

I can't get enough of the Lichtenstein-esque tube ("I can't believe I forgot to have children...") and the smell - between acrylic paints and markers (note: I didn't detect any scent once applied, just up close to the tube). It reminds me of my art school days of charcoal smudges and paint smears, and imparts a fun and frivolity to getting ready. 

- Avant-Glide Shadow Stick

An eyeshadow in the form of a chunky eyeliner that delivers a smooth effortless line and fills lids in a snap is exactly the kind of multi-tasking, hard-working makeup I need to help me get through my busy day.

The rich pigment enriched with Ceramide 3, Shea Butter, oils and vitamins, goes on effortlessly with a creamy, smooth metallic finish that's soft, yet still dramatic. 

It also doesn't budge. Waterproof up to 12 hours, I took it out on the road, to gym and out in the rain, and it stayed right where it was supposed to. And since my small peepers have little to no lid showing, my eyeliners and shadows almost always transfer to above my eye - except with these lovelies. 

And it's so easy to achieve an expert look. Just one swipe and I get a defined line; a few more and I've cinched the smoky eye somehow. Drool.

Available in four alluring shades - Golden Rose, Stone, Plum, and Bronze - these eyeshadow pencils will soon become your everyday essential.
- Imprint High Shine Lip Gloss

This ain't yo' momma's lip gloss.

A glassy vinyl lacquer that  delivers deep colour and goes on strong in just one layer, pops and sizzles way past the rest of your usual go-tos.

The vivid pink of Series is a little outta my comfort zone (I'm more of a blend-into-the-background kinda gal while this hue screams "Look at me! Look at me!"), but I love how emboldened it makes me feel.  

We made an appearance for the first time at a recent collab dinner at a swanky hotel, and it showed serious staying power, as well as adding a pop of much-needed colour and vivacity to my head-to-toe black outfit (I tried to go another way I swear, but as always ebony won out for it's unconditional dressiness). 

The formula is indeed  sticky, but not gloppy or viscous, so it stays put. You just might not want to make out in it (don't worry, I've got something for that too - see below).

Like a pair of patent pumps, this is the ultimate finish to your look, so don't be surprised if next time you see me, my lips are swathed in Series or Imagery.

In fact, Imma gonna stock up on the rest of the line, because they really are the best accessory. There's nothing quite like a bold, lustrous lip, so Signature, Influence, Inscribe, and Design, here I come!

psst - You'll fall for the tube too, with high-heel swooped bottom, and white cap swaddled in modern gold prisms.

What if you took highly pigmented lipstick and gave it the feel of gel and balm, with the killer finish of gloss?

Say hello to the wonder that is Mixed Media Lip Shine.

This hot combo and creamy formulation will please everyone. And those worried about dry lips needn't fret - it boasts "active vegetal derived amino acids," which translates to smooth, soft, soothed lips from start to finish.


Available in three shades - Pageo (fuchsia), Quent (petal pink), and Artillo (works-on-everyone red) - it's irresistible. The lip-covered tube too.


Stroke of Beauty was created by two cosmetic powerhouses:

As if it weren't enough for Co-Founder Holly Mordini to just be an award-winning makeup artist. Nope, this triple-threat's also but spent years as a traditional artist and painter. And great-grandson of makeup legend Max Factor and Founder of smashbox CosmeticsCo-Founder Dean Factor is no slouch either. I mean, how much do you covet your smashbox palettes and primers?

This dynamic duo has created a line of richly pigmented, boldly hued, voluptuous products that swish and swirl like paint, offer a powerful shine and are resilient enough to stand up to your long days and hectic schedule.

With each brush and pencil stroke, every swipe of gloss you make, you'll feel the difference with this line - as if you're creating something, instead of just getting ready.

You'll see.

Shop Stroke of Beauty now.

p.s. Adding to my wish list: Stroke of Beauty's eyelinersbrow transformers, and concealers.

Stephanie Dickison

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