Alluriza Natural Age-Defying Serum - Anti-Aging Knockout

I am always on the lookout for serious multitaskers. For those products that will help diminish fine lines AND boost radiance AND lessen those annoying age spots. Oh, and if they can help keep me looking of a certain age (much younger than appears on my passport), that would be great.

It's asking a heckuva lot I know, but I have high standards and expectations.

This potent and vigourous anti-ager is comprised of high performing natural and certified organic ingredients that work to fight the signs of aging you're currently battling, and then helps prevent more settling in. Because you know how stubborn everything from environmental stressors to wrinkles to sun damage can be.

The trinity of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Tripeptide work to stimulate collagen while reducing acne and those racoon eyes you swore you'd never be able to leave behind, amongst so many other things (serious firming, just to start).

Like an instant bootcamp for your skin, this made in Canada milky concoction is bursting with all you need to remain looking youthful, without the hassle of a million bottles, directions and distractions. Filled with ingredients you already know and love (Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and extracts of Chamomile, Olive Leaf and Green Tea) and introducing impressive new ones you've probably never heard of (Matrixyl from France, shown to decrease wrinkle depth up to 68%; Matrixyl Synthe-6 fills in your wrinkles by rebuilding your skin; and Argirelin from Spain that smooths expression lines), just watch as your skin bounces back to what it used to be. All all without a stitch of parabens, animal by-products, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals.

Alluriza Natural Age-Defying Serum gives you softer, smoother firmer skin that looks and feels more hydrated and youthful. And it works like that.

It feels markedly different than most serums. It goes on silky and incredibly moisturizing, yet dries quickly and doesn't leave behind a whiff of oiliness. In fact, it feels like a delicate shield that protects your skin, while rectifying all those issues that you thought would be with you for life. This makes it ideal for those that don't like the feeling of emollient products on their skin. In fact, it's so lightweight, it makes seeing the results all the more astounding.

While impossibly light, I did experience a hot tingling and tightening, much like you get from bracing toners and clay masks. I don't mind it a bit - it feels like it's working.

Nowadays, serums can be used on their own, unlike the time when moisturizer always had to follow. This serum however, is to be used in conjunction with face cream or lotion, so be sure use with your current favourite.

No matter what I paired Alluriza with, my skin became a smooth canvas for makeup application, and an immaculate, unblemished portrait that in fact, didn't require much makeup at all.

And despite a host of late nights and being lazy about skincare (see previous "late nights"), my skin rebounded to its former youthful glory within just a few uses. A handful of weeks later, as I was adding my usual roster of wrinkle removers and line diminshers, I realized there wasn't much left to fix after all.

Stephanie Dickison

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