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We've seen a lot of innovation with sheet masks just in the last year alone, so leave it to the amazing bliss to give us a rubberized one that just peels away. Ahhh!
Brand new bliss Mask-a-‘Peel’ Complexion Clearing Rubberizing Mask is packaged like a yogurt cup, complete with foil cover that you peel open. What fun!


Inside you'll find a light blue powder that you mix with a little water ("fill line" is clearly marked on the outside of the container). Use the spatula (included) to mix the ingredients for 30-40 to a smooth thick paste.

Then apply a thick, even layer. Wait 15 minutes and then peel away. Toss the mask in the trash. Any remaining bits can be removed with a gentle pat of a warm cloth. 

My tips:

1. Apply the paste swiftly, as it begins to form into a rubbery consistency faster than you might expect.

2. Stay away from your hairline - otherwise, you'll be pulling out all those fine baby hairs.

3. Don't keep on for longer than the recommended 15 minutes. It's designed to work in this amount of time, thus you won't reap more or better results by hanging on.

4. Hold onto to your spatula, if you bought the full size, as there's just one for every three-pack box (Single use kits - 1 mask - also available).


- Formula

Packed with nourishing ingredients of bilberry extract, seaweed, vitamin C, tea tree leaf oil, and willow leaf extract, your skin gets ultra pampered.

- Application

I like that you get to do a bit of mixing. I found it difficult to apply an even layer with the spatula, so I ended up using my fingers instead.

- Feel

The rubber formula adheres to every contour unlike some sheet masks, so you get phenomenal coverage. I loved the snug feeling it delivered and I felt like I got an even saturation of ingredients, also something that can be tough to achieve with some masks.

- Scent 

The menthol and tea tree oil scent is invigorating, fresh and clean. Take it in as soon as you open the container, all the way to when you remove it. It adds to the cool, refreshing, detoxing, spa feel.

- Removal

What satisfaction to peel it off! Mine came off mostly in big pieces - whew, that was easy! A few stubborn little patches stuck around, but were quickly removed with a warm cloth.

- Skin

Smoother, more even skintone means you can head out the door makeup-free. And no shine either. 

It helps clear out current break-outs and prevent future ones arising (bless). Pores get a thorough de-clogging, and redness is... what redness?

This once a week treatment isn't just fun - it really works, so shop now.


Check out my Insta feed for a slideshow of pics of the mask.

Stephanie Dickison

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