Tonic Blooms - Stunning Bouquets & Free Korean Sheet Mask Offer for January

Why wait until Valentine's Day for gorgeous blossoms when you could enjoy them right now?

And you need to get them from the most amazing shop Tonic Blooms that creates beautiful, modern bouquets and arrangements as well as a host of other goodies.

And if you order flowers during the month of January, you'll receive a free K-beauty sheet mask and $5 discount code from Take Good Care.

Which means you'll have the best January ever - the flora will cheer you with its immense beauty and fragrance, while the mask takes care of your skin that's become as dreary as the weather.

I can't get over the "farm-style" arrangement from Tonic:

- First of all, The Farmboy bouquet is stunning. A lovely mix featuring 100% Ontario blooms in an array of shades and shapes is warm and inviting, and the best greeting to come home to - aside from Buster, of course.

The Farmboy is Tonic Bloom's bouquet of the day, The one-of-a-kind style is available in three sizes - 12-15 stems ($39), 20-25 stems ($59) and 30-35 stems for ($79) ,with specific flower and colour requests often  accommodated. 

Prices include delivery, which is great, because although you promised to bring lunch from home today, you splurged on that fancy salad that cost $15 and now you're back to broke. Every little bit helps.

And the Toronto­-based online flower delivery service delivers in as little as two hours. Which isn't just convenient. It's a freakin' lifesaver. Because let's face it - even though you remembered Sofia's quinceaƱera and Amaya's announcement that she's going to be a Mom two weeks ago, you just now realized you still haven't decided on and/or shopped for presents yet.

Delivered wrapped in a hydration pack so your flowers stay fresh until you're able to pop them into water. Thank god, because you aren't getting in the door at 6:01 p.m. as planned. 

All bouquets come wrapped in a swath of dark indigo! Not only is it on point, you can use the massive denim square as a fashion accessory or home accent. I'm thinking a pillow for mine...

Six days after delivery and they're still going strong. That's more than I can say for last week's lo mein wilting in the fridge.

The rest of Tonic Bloom's lineup is just as impressive:

- Crisp winter whites, orange blossoms, pink and yellow lovelies - a girl could get used to all this beauty. All blooms are sourced from Ontario growers

- The simple, yet still striking jade plant in chic white vessel is an ideal gift for modern folks, and works for any occasion from house warming to birthday celebrations to landing a new job.

The Bloom Box, which includes everything a girl could want, is one of the most outstanding curations I've come across. Tell me you don't want to all of this goodness:

Bracelet Pink Opal & Gold by Mai Lin Jewelry
Hand Cream Shea butter by L'Occitane
Soy Candle “Breakfast in Bed” by Campy
Chocolate exclusive for Tonic Blooms by CXBO
Honey Raw Organic by Beekeepers Naturals
Tea “Fresh” blend by The Honest Leaf

- And if you've got a chocolate lover on your list, you can't do better than Chocolates x Brandon Olsen. This set of nine assorted truffles isn't just a medley of chocolates, but individual works of art that boast sumptuous flavour combos such as Lime, Ginger & Black Pepper and Raspberry, Rose & Fennel. Even as someone who doesn't like chocolate can't help but melt over these dreamy concoctions.

- And then there's the free Blossom Jeju Mask during the month of January. Whether you're prepping for date night or using it in tandem with wine or margaritas to wind down after a long week, sheet masks just feel like a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. It's such a treat whether it's for yourself or a gift for someone else.

This one in particular was sheer bliss.

Blossom Jeju Red Camellia Soy Nourishing Essence Petal Mask is the first two-stepper I've tried. First step: Apply 100% pure camellia oil  rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omega fatty acids to skin. Second step: Place ultra thin cupro sheet mask drenched and dripping in soy protein essence on your face.

Finally! Eye, nose and mouth holes that are in the right areas, no awkward, gaping holes to fold over and take care of. And the breathable fiber mask stays put like no other, so go ahead and dance the night away - this champion isn't going anywhere.

But of course, the real treat - besides nourishing your skin, and the lovely floral scent that softly wafts throughout the room - is the result: Soy protein extracts, sodium hyaluronate and botanical extracts work to plump and moisturize your skin and then completely transform it. It's so soft to the touch and blissfully youthful, date night just got moved up to tonight.


So now you've got gorgeous skin and flowers for days. Is it your birthday? Nah, it's just Wednesday. Why wait for a special occasion when you can experience this right now?

Stephanie Dickison

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