Mèreadesso Travel Ease + Kit - Your Essential Travel Companion

And you thought the most frustrating part of travel was the long check-in lines.

Trying to cram all of your nonnegotiable skincare products into little bottles suitable for air travel simply can't be done without a cocktail in hand (or six, though this makes the process increasingly more difficult, but at least you won't care as much). And who has the coin to buy additional travel sizes of everything in addition to the excruciating amount you just spent on full-sized moisturizer, cleanser, etc? 

That's why you need the brilliant Mèreadesso Travel Ease + Kit (pictured above, lipstick not included).

A carefully curated pouch of Mèreadesso skincare essentials ensures that you will look and feel phenomenal whether your layover is one night a few city blocks away (fist bump) or you're halfway around the globe for a couple of weeks.

The small, clear, reusable pouch the size of an iPhone 6 might be small enough to tuck into your carry-on's outside pocket, but it packs a serious punch with the most effective, essential products that you'll continue with as soon as you're back on home ground. 

The kit's four products truly do it all:

1. All-In-One Moisturizer (12 ml)
2. Face + Neck Cleanser (12 ml)
3. Beautiful Body Balm (30 mL)
4. Cleansing Cloth (4" x 6")

No matter where you're traveling to, whether it's a hot or cold climate, your skin's going to be p-a-r-c-h-e-d. Stuck in an airplane at 39,000 feet, rattling cross-country via train (or worse, a cramped 18-hour bus ride that's as sticky as it is sweaty) sucks the life outta your skin, so you need products that will stand up to the pressure and elements.

The first thing you'll want to do upon arrival is wash your face. Ugh, you weren't going to use that hotel soap were you? Nuh uh. Mèreadesso Face + Neck Cleanser's got you.

This serious multitasker takes care of all your business - makeup, grit, grime - in one fell swoop, including all of the waterproof/24 hour makeup you loaded up on before you left.  

Used in conjunction with the Cleansing Cloth (machine washable!), you get a deep clean but skin stays peachy thanks to globally-sourced botanical extracts (Bulgarian rose, cucumber fruit), seed oils (jojoba, grape), and other skin nourishers (including aloe, glycerin and vitamin E). Just a smidge and your skin feels squeaky clean and alive. That's more like it. And the fresh scent? A perfect pick-me-upper.

Next up, Mèreadesso's All-In-One Moisturizer takes care of your skin like nobody's business. Just the teensiest bit makes a world of difference. Wow, if only your regular daily face care was this spectacular. The second this light, creamy green wonder meets your skin, you'll feel the quenching begin right away, but it lasts all day and night. Go ahead and touch your face now. When's the last time your skin felt this soft and silky? And even though you've just touched down, your skin is luminous. You could get used to this.

Boasting 16 botanical extracts, over 20 antioxidants. along with a host of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, your skin gets a serious spa treatment (so cool and refreshing) along with skin you can't wait to show off - pesky lines fade, ruddy skin tone is suddenly revitalized and then stays that way, texture is smooth, plump even. Turn back the clock and see the sights? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE Mèreadesso?

Now let's talk the whole shebang. It can be difficult to find a good body lotion while traveling. One that you can afford anyway. And depending how long your journey is, a flight size bottle doesn't usually cut it. But wait until you try Mèreadesso Beautiful Body Balm. I took it for a test drive when it made its debut back in 2010 and it continues to be one of the best body lotions I've ever tried.

I appreciate Founder Linda Stephenson's thoughtfulness and foresight to include body care in her travel kit (a face care only version is also available). While you are not likely to forget your face skincare regime, odds are your body lotion will remain safely at home right where you left it - and you won't realize until you need it most.

Shockingly, the kit lasts 10-14 days with daily use. Many travel items I've used in the past are lucky to last five days and usually run out after three (will Bolivia really care if you couldn't shave your legs today?). What appears initially to be regular pouches of product is so much more than that.

Great consideration and design went into each aspect. Take the moisturizer and cleanser, for example. They come in resealable packets so whatever unused product stays fresh and uncontaminated until you're ready to use it again. It won't leak all over your bag either (you need that slinky black number for after dinner dancing tonight).

It's rare to find a small number of products that cover your needs from head to toe, but Canadian made Mèreadesso skincare gives you the skin you've always dreamed of. And now you can bring it with you whether it's a one night layover at Hello Sexy's house or you're waking up in Melbourne tomorrow.

You'll return looking rejuvenated and youthful whether you had downtime or not. I recommend getting full-size versions too, because why wait to look this good until your next vacay? Why crowd your counters with countless products when just a few do the job of ten? Do you really need to lug different formulas around with you for morning and night? Mèreadesso products work all day, every day. And they're free of parabens, sulfates and are not tested with animals.

One of the most extraordinary beauty lines to ever touch your skin isn't complicated or extensive - there's just seven products in all (four ready for travel) and they're all you need to look and feel your very best.

Shop now, travel with ease forever.

You can also pick up Mèreadesso at Nordstrom. Cool fact - it's the only Canadian beauty brand carried by the retailer.

p.s. I highly recommend Mèreadesso Lip Treats, which I tried back in 2011. And now they also carry tinted selections. Oooh!

p.p.s. While I haven't tried the Tinted Moisturizer - available in full size and resealable travel sachet - this too is a road trip necessity.

Stephanie Dickison

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